The Amateur Gourmet Challenge

I thought of this fun idea today while I was driving.

Some dishes are very hard to make. For example: lobster souffle. That would be very hard to make. [Jeffrey Steingarten wrote about it Vogue a couple of months ago.]

In any case, here’s the idea:


If you choose to challenge the Amateur Gourmet, you will do the following:

(1) In the comments section for this thread, you will post a recipe challenge.

(2) Simply call out the recipe by saying: “I CHALLENGE YOU TO MAKE BRIOCHE!”

(3) You must have an actual recipe handy to follow-up on your challenge.

So if several people challenge me, I will choose the challenge I like best and then that challenger will provide me with the recipe.

If I succeed in preparing the item (meaning, I don’t burn it, tear it, or otherwise ruin it) I can CHALLENGE YOU BACK. You will either accept this challenge or FORFEIT in which case I will be the winner. If you accept the challenge, I will provide you with a recipe and you will have to document your travails. If you succeed, you are the winner. If you fail, I am the winner.

So, in summation: Step forward all ye who would dare challenge the mighty culinary hand of the Amateur Gourmet! I laugh at your patheticness! Who among you thinks thou art better than me, chump? Bring it on!

6 thoughts on “The Amateur Gourmet Challenge”

  1. Ooh, how fun.

    Adam: I challenge you to make the Chocolate Praline Wedding Cake designed for Chocolatier magazine by Rose Levy Beranbaum.

    You will find this recipe in The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum, which I will happily loan you.

    I would accept Beranbaum’s Art Deco Cake, the Pisachio and Rose Wedding Cake, or the Dotted Swiss Dream as substitutions.

  2. This is a great idea! I’m all about the competitive cooking. Okay, I’m throwing down the gauntlet with a fusion cuisine offering. I challenge you to make Thai chicken barley risotto.

  3. I hereby challenge you to sauerkraut. (Warning: may cause flashbacks of sourdough bread endeavor)

  4. I hereby challenge you to make a proper filet of beef wellington as outlined on pages 296-300 of Julia Child’s cookbook “The French Chef.”

    This recipe comes from Julia’s one hundred and third show on the famous television series “The French Chef.”

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