Tara, Let’s Make A Deal

Ok Tara,

You’ve decided to step into battle with this mighty Goliath of a Gourmet. I now present you with your challenge:

Martha Stewart’s Pine Cone Cake


And yet, because I have a soft side and because I got to choose from a pool of choices, I will permit you to accept–as an alternative–any of the challenges from the original pool of challenges that I chose from. Fair? I think so.

Let us know what doom you pick for yourself.


The Amateur Gourmet

4 thoughts on “Tara, Let’s Make A Deal”

  1. All righty, pine cone cakes it is! I’ll start channeling my inner pastry chef. I am unfazed. Really. :)

    (At first I glanced at the ingredients list and only saw the whole almonds–the ones that get turned into a paste for the actual cake–and for a second thought Martha was such a sadist that she’d have people slice all the almonds by hand. hee!)

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