Pancetta Calls Alain Ducasse

As a special treat tonight, ladies and gentlemen, America’s favorite bulemic talk show host, PANCETTA, calls New York’s finest French restaurant, ALAIN DUCASSE, and attempts to make a reservation. Enjoy the results! [Note: It’s a sound file, not a movie!]




3 thoughts on “Pancetta Calls Alain Ducasse”

  1. See what I think is amazing about this whole thing is how insanely accomodating this woman is! I mean, look, here I am just being a silly bugger (or, to quote Jeremy, a “sadistic fiend”) and this woman couldn’t be nicer! There is nothing I can say to faze her. I was so ready to be hung up on and in the end she had me completely winded. It takes a lot to wind me! But, in a way, it’s kind of sad that a place like Alain Ducasse would accomodate someone who “can’t even look at a carb” and can’t have food cooked “in butter, oil, or water.” That’s what I call service!

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