Not Entitlement, Per Se

So my mom just sprung some exciting news on me.

As a graduation gift (keep in mind, folks, I’m graduating a week from Monday…wow…that was weird to type) Saturday night will see the Roberts family dining at one of the most difficult to get tables in all of New York: Per Se!

For those unfamiliar with it, Per Se is the east coast derivation of the world famous French Laundry, consistently voted the greatest restaurant in America (if not the world) by chefs and critics alike. Thomas Keller, its chef and raison d’etre (<--am I using that right? It's my first time), is a towering food figure and, presumably, will be cooking Saturday night since it's the first night opening since the fire that shut it down two months ago. How my mom managed this is beyond me. Everything I read about Per Se says that people waited on the phone for 10 hours only to be rejected. Does my mom have superhuman powers? Is my mom Thomas Keller? That would explain the sideburns. In any case, stay tuned loyal site readers: I shall photograph and consume on your behalf, sharing Saturday's splendor with all of you. Now I just have to pass my final tomorrow...

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  1. Awesome, can’t wait to read your review! And here’s another NYC favorite spot of mine at the moment… the Spotted Pig. There are reviews all over at the moment, but check out the Buzz section of (check the title listing). Do order the gnudi if you go, exceptionally delicious.

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