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So I reached the point tonight where I maximized the storage space on my .mac account, where I post 90% of the pictures for the site. I had two options:

1) Delete some of the older pictures, thereby rendering my archives pictureless and empty; or

2) Pay for more space.

I hope you appreciate that in a gesture of good will, I elected to do #2 (haha, that sounded scatalogical). Here’s to many happy pictures to come.


The Management

2 thoughts on “My Back Pages”

  1. .Mac must offer you a lot of value to go with the #2 route. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Mac fan. I develop on a Mac. But I’m amazed at how different services appeal to different people.

    There’s so many companies that would sell you hosting space for much cheaper than Apple’s .Mac service. Granted, you probably don’t use it only for storage. But I can’t help but wonder if the amount you paid *extra* is not by itself enough to get one of those cheaper services, only for storage. What gives?

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