I Love The Smell of Sorbet In The Morning

Well, look, here’s the strategery:

If I had waited to make the lemon thyme sorbet from last night, could I make burnt caramel ice cream later? Surely not. That bucket’s gotta freeze.

So, crack o’dawn this morning (around 11:30 am) I removed my freezer bowl and poured in the lemon thyme syrup.

Twenty minutes later, she was done:


Check her out up close:


Tasted great. Very lemony, tart, with a slight undertaste of thyme: nothing overpowering.

Now check out my freezer:


Lauren can have her Mint Oreo Pre-Packaged Ice Cream. I’ve got homemade Blood Orange and Lemon Thyme Sorbet! (<--Do I over exclamation mark? Be honest!)

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  1. No, you don’t over exclaimation mark! You are enthusiastic and it is refreshing! See!?!!!!

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