How To Make The Ice Cream Good


I’ve been disappointed with the chocolate ice cream I made the other night. Ever since it’s been in the freezer, it’s become this giant, solid, chocolate mass that one can only scrape brittle pieces off of with a spoon.

Then tonight it hit me: “Eureka! The microwave!”

I microwaved the ice cream for 45 seconds and voila! It was soft, smooth and delicious. Creamy and perfect. A little technology goes a long way.

6 thoughts on “How To Make The Ice Cream Good”

  1. Thanks for the tip! I love making ice cream and sorbet especially (it’s so easy!) but they’re never any good after spending some time in the freezer. That little hitch has led to me to feel compelled to finish the entire batch on the night I make it, which really isn’t a good thing.

  2. Interesting idea.. I’d be weary of microwaving the entire container though, as you’re going to melt the tiny ice crystals in the ice cream, leading to much larger ice crystal when you re-freeze the thing.

  3. Hi Adam,

    Try increasing the sugar content; you can use an invert sugar like glucose which won’t add much sweetness to the taste, but will yield a softer texture in the frozen product.


  4. simply use 2 or 3 chocolate liquor spoons ; it will improve taste and become soft, even after freezing.

    It’ s a tip you can use with every ice cream by using alcoholic drink

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