Chocolate Covered Bugs

Check out these chocolate covered bugs:


Saw them at the Junkman’s Daughter (a funky store in Little Five Points) and, after reading the ingredients, I can tell you that they are indeed bugs: crickets (or other insect).

Did I buy them? Did I eat them? I won’t lie. No, I didn’t. My journalistic ambition only goes so far.

13 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Bugs”

  1. I saw those at Fortnum and Mason in London. They had a whole section of bug candy–including scorpion lollipops. I get a little faint just thinking about it.

  2. I need Help.. I am having a Fear factor style birthday party for a 13 year old boy. I am needing help. I have bought chocolate coverd grasshoppers and need more. Anyone have any ideas on where I can go to get other things for them to eat but yet safe also??? I am needing this help fast…

    Thank you shanna

  3. I saw Chocolate Crickets And Barbeque Worms And Chili Cheese Worms Is Gonna Make Me Sick To My Stomache +o(

  4. It still looks nasty and discusting and gross Anything Thats Crickets and Worms Does Looks Like Fear Factor But Still Its gross +o(

  5. That Chocolate Covered Crickets Looks Pretty Gross And I I don’t know if its safe to eat the bugs and I Hope That Im Not Having That Fear Factor Style Birthday Parties in my house +o( I saw it on the Fear Factor It Made Me Throw Up but eating that chocolate covered crickets making me throw up and yeah right! it looks delicous its discusting

  6. I Just Got This Slimmy And Gross Octopus Fear Factor Candys That One Of My Staff Buys Me One Its Better Then Eating That Chocolate Covered Crickets

  7. I buy and eat chocolate covered crickets and mealworms constantly. Sometimes I even roast my own mealworms and crickets, but most of my raised bugs goto my pets that need them more than I do. Eating bugs is perfectly safe, and very nutrious. They have lots of protein, and as long as you don’t capture your bugs in the wild where they may have come in contact with pesticides then go ahead and munch on them, dead or alive.

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