Champagne on the Last Day of Law Classes Ever

To those joining us late; In addition to my prowess with the video camera (see films) and the microphone (see songs), I have a small bit of prowess as a student: I’m in my third year of law school at Emory in Atlanta.

Many people ask me: “Adam, what did you think of law school? Are you glad you went?”

A small tear trickles down my face. Sad music begins to play. A tumbleweed drifts past in the distance.



Look: law school isn’t something you do because it’s fun. A law degree is like a merit badge in the Cub Scouts. Sure, you can have your mom sign off on everything in the book and get you all the badges without having to do anything, but I’m not George W. Bush. (Rimshot!) It’s the rigor and the misery that make it all worthwhile. No pain, no gain. And boy was there a lot of pain.

Today, though, the pain came to a mild halt as I experienced the last day of law classes ever. Although finals go on for the next three weeks (I have my first one this Friday), I will never again sit in a law school classroom, the fear of God in my blood because I didn’t make it all the way through the Civil Procedure reading and with the reading I DID make it through, I had no idea what it said and OH GOD is he going to call on me? Why is he looking at me? Why are my pants wet? NOOOOO!!!

Last night I suggested that Lauren bring the bottle of champagne that we received on our birthday to our last class ever.

“Oh my God,” she said, “it’s our last law school class ever!”

And today at 5:15, as Professor Levine concluded her thoughts on genetics and parenting, Lauren popped the cork on the champagne to loud applause.


For many, this will be their last class EVER. For me, it marks the end of a dark, crusty chapter and the beginning of a bright new one. Am I a better person for it? Well, I’m a stronger person. And sharper. I can tell you the elements of a tort, the requirements for a contract, and the meaning of mens rea and actus reus. Can I tell you why these things are important for me to know? Only time will tell.

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    Now, don’t leave us hanging… what’s next for you since this won’t be your “last class EVER”

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