Best Ice Cream in Atlanta? Jake’s.

Call me a hypocrite. Actually don’t. In my last ice cream post, I declared that the ice cream at Bruster’s was “creamier” and “fresher” than Jake’s. However, I concluded: “I still prefer the quirky flavors at Jake’s….”

And tonight Lauren and I dined at the Flying Biscuit, where we saw an Ice Cream truck:

Do you remember ice cream trucks? Lauren didn’t have one growing up and I think that amounts to some severe form of child endangerment. Ice Cream trucks are vital to anyone’s childhood. I still remember my favorite flavor: the Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bar. (Check out the Upper Left Corner tonight and post your favorite Ice Cream truck ice cream).

After traipsing down memory lane, we made our way over to Jake’s.


The weather here’s been gorgeous–as it has been for most of the country–and the light in the sky at 7:30 pm made a for a perfect ice cream moment. We made our way down the steps, through the door, and over to the ice cream case:


We then enjoyed a feast of samples. “I’ll try the vanilla!” said Lauren. “I’ll try the toasted coconut!” said I.

After 80,000 tastings, we made our choices. Lauren got the Peppermint Chip and I got the Coconut Custard (the one the woman recommended).

Let me tell you, darling reader, this ice cream was phenomenal.


It looks simple, doesn’t it? But it’s packed with coconut flavor and real shreds of coconut. Normally I don’t finish my cups of ice cream (see “On Keeping My Girlish Figure” post) but I scraped this cup clean.

We sat outside at a table and watched one cat chasing another and then mounting it.

“Those cats are having sex!” I declared.

Here’s the male culprit on the way back:


Ends up he’s a Kitty Porn star and he kindly autographed his book, Cats in Love:


I felt like a cat in love with that coconut ice cream in my belly. It was great. I confirm my previously tentative declaration: Jake’s has the best ice cream in Atlanta.

6 thoughts on “Best Ice Cream in Atlanta? Jake’s.”

  1. I too was endangered as a child… my parents raised us in the country and, apparantly, the ice cream man ain’t country. BUT, one summer afternoon in the mid-80’s, the ice cream man must have gotten lost because he came rollin’ down our tar-paved road. “NO WAY!!!” It HAD to be the ice cream man… I mean, I’d only heard stories, but who else would be blaring “Jimmy Crack Corn” from a van? (We weren’t THAT country!) I ran out with my piggy bank under my arm… I didn’t want to try and count out the silver change inside for fear that I would miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I ordered a frozen chocolate-malt milkshake and something that looked like a foot on a stick with a blue gumball representing it’s big toenail. I don’t even know what flavor is was supposed to be… all I knew was that it was pink, came with gum, and all mine. It was awesome. AWESOME!! Now that I’ve moved to the big city, my favorite is the Chocolate Eclair treat, but I’ll never forget the Foot-cicle that I enjoyed that day.

  2. hmmm… I am not a Jake’s fan. Today Golda and I had Gelato at the place next door to Mambo’s in the highlands. It was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. Better than ice cream!

  3. Have you tried SweeTreats on the square in Marietta?

    Guarantee: The Best Ice Cream You’ve ever eaten or your money back!

    You create your own flavor — all customer blended with fresh, whole ingedients.

    Diane and Richard Voyles


  4. In case you have not heard, Hank’s Ice Cream has come to Atlanta it is shaking things up. I think it is much better than Jake’s. In fact, I see more of his clients now going to Hank’s in Grant Park.

  5. No question that Hank’s Ice Cream across from the zoo in Grant Park is the best. Try it once (I’m partial to the Almond Joy & Cherry Cheesecake) and you wil be going back again and again.

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