Alex’s Pancetta Story

Hey, here’s my friend Alex to tell you all a story:

My friend Michael and I were eating after the March for Women’s Lives in DC with a good friend from high school and her two roommates from college. I began speaking of the infamous Adam Roberts and the most recent phone call to the nice French restaurant (aka “Freedom” Restaurant) in NYC by Pancetta Williams, writer of “Cooking Light with Pancetta”. My high school friend’s friend said, “Who is Pancetta?” I said, “Pancetta is Adam, it’s a character”. She replied, “So why was he making reservations with the name Pancetta?” I said, “It’s a joke.” She said, “Does he know that “pancetta” is ham?” The story quickly died. Michael and I cracked up and were alienated from the rest of the group for the rest of the meal. Thanks a lot, Pancetta. Or should I say HAM.

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