Afternoon Rhubarb Tart from Star Provisions

One thing I really like about this website is that it’s an excellent excuse to purchase pastries that I otherwise might not purchase. That happened today in Star Provisions when I purchased a rhubarb tart.

First, let’s talk about why I was in Star Provisions.

Star Provisions is nowhere near where I go to school. It is nowhere near where I go to study. And it is nowhere near where I live.

But today, people, I was on a mission.

I said to myself: “Self, you need to stop eating bagels and burritos for lunch. You have the same routine every week. It’s either a bagel or a burrito. What else do you eat? A sandwich? Spice it up!”

So I went on a drive down 10th towards Howell Mill thinking that I could go to Tacqueria Del Sol again or the Silver Skillet for another round of country ham and eggs. Then I even thought: “Adam, why must you go to places you’ve already been? Broaden your horizons! You should make a deal with yourself to eat at a new place for lunch at least once a week.”

Very good, I thought, and then realized it was the 12 o’clock hour and that everyone was out to lunch. Tacqueria Del Sol was packed, as was The Silver Skillet. I parked my car in front of Star Provisions, bought a pastry, and ran to subway for a turkey sub Jared-style.

Anyway, this afternoon, when I got home, I ceremoniously ate the rhubarb tart.

First I photographed the bag, as is normal for any tart-eating ceremony:

And then, of course, I photographed the tart:


I’m not crazy about rhubarb. No one in a batty 50s movie would watch me walk by and say: “Oh that Adam, he’s CRAAAZY about rhubarb!”

But today was a day of broadening horizons, and if I couldn’t broaden my horizons at lunch then I’d do it with the tart. And here’s what I have to say about it:

Hmm, pretty good. The pastry itself was phenomenal. The dough so light and flaky, it was incredibly delicate yet perfectly crispy and moist. And the filling was nice: tart but not terribly so. A good combo. I ate it in a jiffy. And that’s my story.

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