What’s The Frequency, Breadeth: Day 2, The Starter Is Growing!

This morning, the starter was completely separated: one layer of doughy-floury-gook and one layer of purplish-clear liquid. This afternoon, though, everything seemed to be united and little bubbles were forming. This is how it is now. Those bubbles, methinks, are CO2. That can only mean one thing: (cue lightning) (cue Frankenstein music) IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE!

2 thoughts on “What’s The Frequency, Breadeth: Day 2, The Starter Is Growing!”

  1. It looks like you have it sealed in an airtight container. If it’s producing CO2, then it’s likely to explode.


  2. Ross, don’t be ridiculous. Nancy Silverton is a bread expert: her books are revered by the highest bread authorities. I’m sure if it were dangerous to keep C02 production in an airtight container she wou


    [The Amateur Gourmet (1979-2004)]

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