Wednesday Wade-Through: March 17, 2004

Today’s wade-through begins with a tour of New York cheesecakes from the New York Times. I really enjoyed the internet-only audio guide that showcases the seven best cheesecakes in the city.

Click here, you won’t regret it. (The one I most want to try is the ricotta-marscapone cheese cake at Cesca).

One more from the NYT: I have to say that I’m beginning to love Amanda Hessler’s reviewing style. Today’s review is of Montrachet in TriBeca. It almost doesn’t matter. I enjoy her writing so much that, like Anthony Lane in The New Yorker, I’d be just as happy if she only reviewed soap. The fact that Montrachet has personal significance for Hessler only makes the piece better.

Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch including this here, but she IS after all a Spice Girl. Scary Spice will be taking over the part of Mimi in Rent on Broadway. Jonathan Larson’s spun over so many times in his grave at this point (Joey Fatone played Mark last year) that he might as well still be alive. I wish he were: Scary Spice couldn’t be any less Bohemian if she brushed her teeth with a Prada toothbrush.

Anyway, in other news, The Simpsons are now selling soda. Wal-Mart will be carrying Bart’s “Ay Caramba! Root Beer,” Homer’s “Mmm… Cola,” Lisa’s “Magnificent Lemon-Lime Soda,” and Maggie and Homer’s “Ahh! Yes! Orange Cream Soda” faster than you can say “D’Oh!”

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  1. mr. jupiter- i have been to that cheesecake place but it was about 20 years ago and i need to know the name- do you know- please tell me where in trenton- i have forgotten- so much thanks

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