Tupperware Yeast Infection: Starter, Day 3

Today, Nancy instructs us to lift the lid off the starter and to smell it. Does it smell yeasty? Yes. “It smells like cheese,” offers Lauren. And notice the activity! All the bubbles…so many bubbles. I specially loaded this picture so you can click it for an ultra-large image. Be careful though: Monistat doesn’t work on computers.


4 thoughts on “Tupperware Yeast Infection: Starter, Day 3”

  1. Thank the god of bread for you and your beautiful blog, because I just frantically Googled “bread yeast starter” in desperation to know whether my starter should smell like cheese or, more accurately, toe jam, and I am so freaking happy to see from your experience that in fact, yes, this is what it smells like.

    Dude, starter is SICK.

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