T-Minus One Hour

The oven is preheating to 500 degrees. The baking stone is in place. The bread is doing it’s final rise. The band is playing “We Will Rock You.” Lauren is purchasing soup and salad from Whole Foods. [What’s funny is as I wrote that, she called my cell to say: “Creole Seafood Gumbo?” I gave the thumbs up.]

Will two weeks of hard breadwork finally pay off? Will this loaf be a loafer or a winner? Tune in to find out on THE AMATEUR GOURMET MAKES SOURDOUGH! [TONIGHT, 6:15 PM, CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS]

2 thoughts on “T-Minus One Hour”

  1. Hey, when did the “ads by Google” show up on the left-hand side of the page? Are you generating revenue with your blog now? Crazy!

  2. Mike,

    What Google ads? You must be hallucinating. The Amateur Gourmet would NEVER sell out to the corporate world, generating small dollups of income without lifting a finger. That would be immoral. No, everything here is as it was. Pay no attention to the ads behind the curtain.

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