The Tree That Smells Like Dead Shrimp

I love Springtime in Atlanta. It’s my favorite Spring anywhere. The whole world changes: the air is crisp, but warm. The trees are in bloom. Everything smells green and fresh. Unless of course you’re talking about the Dead Shrimp Trees.

This is what I call the Dead Shrimp Tree. Beautiful, no? I love Dead Shrimp Trees. From a distance, through a window and over the internet they are quite lovely. It is only when you smell them that you begin to wonder if you’re not really present and that you’re actually passed out in a Red Lobster bathroom. Why do these trees smell like Dead Shrimp? Why do I keep capitalizing Dead Shrimp? These things I do not know. But this phenomena needed to be mentioned. I am glad I mentioned it.

6 thoughts on “The Tree That Smells Like Dead Shrimp”

  1. Trees are funny like that. There are quite lovely trees in Toronto that for awhile in the summer, smell like rotting fruit loops.

  2. Actually, I think they smell like a combination of perfume and cat pee. We were walking past some of those trees in Midtown last weekend and my uncle started griping about how the city really needed to crack down harder on homeless people.

  3. Is that a female ginko tree? I understand their fruit smells like your description. But it would have to be an old tree, not many females have been planted in the past few decades once people caught on. :)

    Could you email me your RSS feed information? The RSS link? I’d like to add it to the syndication list. You have a brilliant journal and that would make reading it so much easier for me and others. It might already be there, but I haven’t found it yet…


  4. Boreal, there’s an XML link on the left-hand side of the page, near the bottom. (three links above the Site Meter graphic.)

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