The Best Girl Scout Cookie

Some people are silly. They think the best Girl Scout cookies are Thin Mints.


The best Girl Scout cookies are Samoas.

Look at the box:

It’s purple. What’s purple? The color of royalty. And what color is the Thin Mint’s box? Green. The color of envy.

Now look at the cookie:


See how complicated?

Thin Mints are like two mint crackers dipped in chocolate. Big deal!

Samaoas are carefully constructed coconut patties with caramel and an intricate chocolate design. My friend Ricky once ate two boxes of Samoas. Did he eat two boxes of Thin Mints?

I rest my case.

21 thoughts on “The Best Girl Scout Cookie”

  1. now wait a minute…. i’m a huge thin mint fan. it may not be as “complex” as the somoa but throw a box of thin mints into the freezer for a couple of hours and you’ve got heaven!

  2. samoas samoas samoas … just bought 4 boxes for my secret desk drawer stash and am mentally prepping for my super-stealthy trip to the green-robed angels of samoa-mercy to obtain supplies for a looonggg trip to the girl-scout-cookie-barren land of europe … theres the chocolate and the coconut and the caramel — really now, what more do you want in a cookie?!? thin mints? bah. i ask you — if you can find it at a movie theater diguised as a “york patty” — does it really fulfill the requirements for being a $3.50 a box indulgence hocked by limpid-eyed pigtailed con artists? NO! … here endeth my rant on samoas. read on dear readers. read on. (note: forgive eliza, its been a long frustrating night of fighting with a term paper and a printer and she’s really not in her right mind. end note.)

  3. Samoas? You mean crack cocaine cookies? That’s what we call ’em at my house because they are SO addictive.

  4. Mrs. Esther "Thin" Mints

    Dear Amateur Gourmet,

    You are wrong. When I lent my name to the Girls Scouts of America for use with their delicously minty chocolate cookie, I was assured by a special delegation of girl scouts of their permanent post as the Number One Cookie. “All will agree, “they told me in a chorus on my front

    doostep, “there will be no dissenters.”

    Since I cannot doubt those little do-gooding angels, I can only assume you have been unduly influenced by Belinda and Wilma, the Samoa sisters. Please realize that any compensation, whether monetary or cookie-based, taken from them in return for your suspiciously favorable review of Samoas is ethically repugnant and illegal under the recent cookie campaign finance reform act.

    Amateur Gourmet, you fly in the face of all that is right in this country, you embody all that is wrong. Please put down the Samoas and pick up a Thin Mint. God would want it that way. I would want it that way. One million girls scouts, trained in pinching and armed with your address would want it that way.


    Don’t forget it.


    Mrs. Esther “Thin” Mints

  5. Amateur Gourmet,

    You are so right. The Samoas are more than a back-up cookie. They’re like Keebler Fudge Stripes taken on an insane trip to a coconut island, seasoned with love and made extra, extra tasty just so that you can’t simply sample them. You must gobble them up. I have been sampling one row of Samoas a week since I got my box of them a couple weeks ago, abstaining from eating them all at once. They are treasure and should be regarded as such.

    Thin Mints are like STAR TREK geeks and lesbians. Sure, they’re entertaining to have around from time to time, but you wouldn’t want to overexpose yourself to them.

    Thanks for preaching the gospel,


  6. I used to be a Samoas junkie, but this year, the Samoas I bought didn’t live up to the hype I had in my mind — they weren’t as chewy as I remembered them to be.

    I am now a Thin Mints addict — maybe because the minty flavor does not induce as much guilt as the Samoas. Kind of makes me feel like I didn’t eat a whole box, and I just brushed my teeth. :)

  7. Such the wrong answer. I’m with Shari on this one.

    First because it contains coconut. *blech!*

    Second, because there are those chocolate covered penut butter kind that used to be called “tagalongs.”

    Those are the best.

    I have eaten a bazillion boxes of them at once before.

  8. Samoas are good. But, I have a deep love of Thin Mints that goes way back to my childhood. Sure, the quality has declined in recent years. Sure the box gets smaller and more expensive. But, I can still remember carefully climbing up all of the cabinets in our kitchen to reach the stash of Thin Mints my mom had hidden on top of the refrigerator, then trying desperately to get down and get the chocolate off my face before she caught me. I think I was six. Samoas are wonderful, but for me, the best girl scout cookie will always be the Thin Mint. I still miss their lemon sandwich cookies, and I’m still a shortbread fan, but I don’t remember what they call those.

  9. Mrs. Mint,

    While I agree that Thin Mints are a true necessity I feel you have misrepresented their place in the cookie universe. Thin Mints are a dessert cookie. In fact, nothing tops off a hearty dinner of two dozen Samoas like a Thin Mint or two for dessert.

    However, I am shocked that no one has mentioned yet the Samoan imposter “Caramel deLites” found in many US markets. Disturbing proof found here.

    If by any chance you come across a girl scout peddling these inferior “Caramel deLites” standing at your doorstep the proper procedeure is to throw the order form back at her screaming “BRING ME MY SAMOAN GOODNESS YOU IMPOSTER!”

  10. Whoa this is a contentious topic. I hav to agree that Samoas are the food of the GODS. If you like Thin Mints so much, go eat damn Grasshopper cookies. But there is nothing, nothing NOTHING like samoas!

  11. Dear Mrs. Mints,

    Ethically repugnant? Illegal?

    Ok, first of all Belinda and Wilma Samoa are charitable, Christian girls. To suggest anything otherwise compromises not only their integrity, but the integrity of every God-fearing Girl Scout out there. The Samoas have donated thousands of dollars to the annual Girl Scout fund. I noticed your name was conspicuously lacking this year from the DONATIONS page of the Girl Scout Yearly Report. What is it, Mrs. Mint—pay another doctor for one of your fancy chocolate dips?

    I may be many things, Mrs. Mint, but I am not a cookie fraud. Not all of us have rich husbands like your husband Franklin who can spin a mediocre cookie into a fortune by way of a suspect secret ingredient. That’s right, Mrs. Mints: I know the truth about your cookie. I know about you and the dentist. I know about the magical tube that fills the mouths and the minds of our nation’s youth with its cavity-fighting sweetness. That’s right, Mrs. Mints. I know about CREST.

    The cat’s out of the bag, Mrs. Mint. I suggest you leave the Samoa sisters alone. They stand for things that are good and true in this country: coconut, caramel, and Mel Gibson.


    The Amateur Gourmet

    A Corporate Subsidy of The Samoa Sisters

  12. You really are having fun with this aren’t you.

    As for my alliances regarding future capitalist wimmn’s cookies, my office had five communal boxes of said cookies, four Samoas and one mint. Showing uncharacterist self restraint, it took a whole two days for us to finish off the Samoas. Over a week later, and the mints are still out on the lunch table, sad, aging badly,and miseably hoping for someone to get to hungry enough to finish ’em off.

  13. i once spent 30 dollars on Samoas.. im ashamed of myself.. the scouts i sold them to ended up knowing me by name.

    did you know you can make your own samoas?

  14. Thin mints have some sort of opiate or nicotine in them I am positive. If you sit down and watch tv while eating them you will end up finishing one pack in 5 minutes, thus adding several hundred calories to your body. In truth screw calories Ill eat 5 boxes of em! eBay is the cheapest way to get your fix on these.

  15. Former Girl Scout

    Carmel DeLight is the original name for Samoas and they were even better in the good ole days when I peddled the delciousness door to door

  16. Love the old Tagalongs not the new version called the peanut butter patties, I would drive from the west side of NJ to toms river to buy the Tagalongs but I will not buy the peanut butter patties here in Burlington (near Philly.PA) anymore. Tagalongs and peanut butter patties ARE NOT THE SAME COOKIES. The peanut butter patties this year are very, very hard, use a hammer to crack them, so no I wont be buying cookies anymore till they bring back the Tagalongs and softer patty. ps I will melt off the chocolate and give the peanut patties to my dog to chew on for a while so no I wont let them go to waste.

  17. My understand when we sold cookies that the Keebler elves recipe was use to make the girl scout cookies-hint hint that’s why they tasted better back then but then the bidding wars came and poof. but seriously how can you mess up a Thin Mint-you cant but they did messed up the tagalongs by making them harder-maybe just maybe it was just a bad batch.


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