Temptation Island: Pathway to Fitness

This is my gym:

This is what I pass on the way to my gym:




[It’s a PhillyConnection.]

Additionally, there’s a Starbucks where you can get gooey, creamy, fatty frappuchinos and the like; and Moe’s Burritos where yes, you can possibly stay healthy, but good luck avoiding the fried Quesadillas and tortilla chips.

Is this marketing genius or sheer stupidity? Let’s examine.

The stores have it good because all the doubtful exercise people (myself included) who drag themselves to the gym, can very easily be tempted by the wafting smells of unhealthy food. Ker-ching ker-ching for store people.

Inversely, all the mushy depressed unhealthy food people might see the sexy gym people and say: “Oh, I should probably get in shape.” Ker-ching ker-ching for gym people.

This is some kind of bizzaro ecosystem. Quick, somebody get Jane Goodall.

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