Many Many Dankes

It was so nice today to read all about the people reading my site. And thanks for your many compliments! Now whenever I post, I’ll at least know there are 31 charming people eager to hang on my every word. And as for the member of your family I most resemble, the correct answer is: your baby daddy.

1 thought on “Many Many Dankes”

  1. Well I don’t hang on every word. I prefer every 5 to 6 words…

    Seriously, I’m glad I stumbled across this site. Well not necessarily stumbled, since I hear drinking and blogging can be bad for you health – not to mention the difficulties you face if you hurl on your keyboard… but I digress.

    The point of this comment? No Point… sorta – just had to let you know that the baby-daddy line made me laugh out loud – not good when you are on a lunch break at work!

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