Internet Glitches; Kessler on Being A Critic

First of all, today has been a frustrating day for The Amateur Gourmet. I spent like 8 hours on the phone with trying to figure out why the site wouldn’t load, and then–after two unhelpful phone conversations–it came to my attention that the problem was with Typepad. In a flash of good luck, the site went back up and I was able to load it. Then it all went away again. As of right now, I can’t see the site when I type in Can you? If you can, post a comment and I’ll see it in the edit page.

Until then, check out John Kessler’s witty guide to being a food critic: Eat, drink and try to go unnoticed. I think fans of my New York trip reviews will agree I had the bathroom thing down pat.

3 thoughts on “Internet Glitches; Kessler on Being A Critic”

  1. erm … hi.

    like your blog… and i can see it! unfortunately cant say the same for the screen of my mobile, but thats the fault of an unfortunate encounter between it and the bathwater this morning …



    too much information, im sure.

    going off to do… whatever food bloggers do in their offtime … byes

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