I Made It There, I Can Make It Anywhere!

Hello from New York!

Well I made it here safe and sound. Here are some noteworthy aspects of my journey:

– The security line at the Atlanta airport was insanely long. It wrapped all the way out to the baggage carousels. I’m still somewhat reeling from the wait.

– The Delta flight boarded by Zones, the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like this. So instead of saying “Rows 10 through 20” they said: “Zone 3!” I was in Zone 6, which was a good Zone.

– On the plane, I sat between two women. The woman on my left read the Pottery Barn catalogue. The woman on my right read an Isabelle Alende(?) novel in Spanish. I, rather bravely, read the Alice B. Toklas cookbook. Did you know she had a mustache?

Anyway, I went in a Hell cab with 8 near death collisions to Lisa’s apartment and now here I am!

And as a special treat, we recorded a Thursday Night Dinner song in the style of college acapella. It’s not very good, but at least it’s amusing! Anyway, I better be social before Lisa slaps me. More tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “I Made It There, I Can Make It Anywhere!”

  1. That song is hilarious.

    Can’t wait to see you two on American Idol. Sort of a preppie version of William Hung (www.williamhung.net). If he were doing a duet. About hot dogs and tofu nuggets. And he could sing.

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