Food Fluff?

I’m making a concerted effort not to be negative on this site (hence the removal of a gripe against a former employer), but it would be criminal not to point out the maddening fluff of today’s NYT Dining & Wine section story: What He Ate: A Food Diary From New York. This is an article about a 35-year old man who has taken a picture of everything he has eaten. Sounds interesting, right? A suitable feature story about a man who compulsively documents his food. How long has he been doing this, you ask? A decade? A year? No; since January.

This is the fascinating tale of a man who has documented his food for three months. Hello, if that’s all it takes to get into the NYT Dining & Wine section, why aren’t they knocking at my door? And he doesn’t even put his pictures on the internet. He just saves them. Where did they get this story? It’s maddening, I tell you, maddening!

4 thoughts on “Food Fluff?”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I read that article three times thinking I had just missed the link to his blog. Eventually I decided, that this is just a guy who takes pictures of his food and then doesn’t do anything with them. Pathetic. Oh… and yes, I too was impressed that he has been doing this SINCE JANUARY! Impressive… most impressive.

  2. Yeah, I read that! On top of the stupidity of the topic, the writing is also subpar…

    “TUCKER SHAW, 35, is a writer who grew up in Denver and went away to Maine for college and moved to New York in 1991 for the reasons people do.”

    Man, first Jayson Blair, now this.

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