Exciting Non-Food Related News

Today I found out that I got into the Tisch School of Dramatic Writing!

This will make me the first ever lawyer, Playwright food blogger. Just call me Emeril Chekhov-Cochran.

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  1. Congrats! I have no doubt you’ll one day be a big famous writer and I can say I knew you when. Are you going to NYU next year then???

  2. that’s awesome adam. my best friend went there. definitely the creme de la creme for sure. btw. i’m making your tomato sauce right now.;)

  3. A Big Fan of the AG

    That is really wonderful news, AG. I look forward to many invitations to off-off-off-off-off-off-off Broadway productions!

  4. I have no idea what the Tisch School of Dramatic Writing is, but it sounds pretty cool, so I’ll chime in with my warmest congratulations, and I’ll be off to research the matter further… Google, here I come!

  5. Clotilde,

    Allow me to save you some time. The Tisch School of Dramatic Writing is a finishing school for girls. I will learn how to balance a book on my head, hold a tea cup properly and how to gingerly sew a pillow.

    Actually, it’s a playwriting school based in New York and apparently it’s very hard to get in. One of the admissions counsellors just informed me that 450 applied, and 20 got in. That’s nuts! I wonder if they have the right guy? Maybe they meant to admit my doppelganger: science fiction author, critic, reviewer and academic Adam Roberts of http://www.adamroberts.com?

    Otherwise, I’m way psyched about going. According to the admissions guy, teachers include: “Kushner, Gurney, Wasserstein, Marsha Norman, Doug Wright, Neil LaBute, Terrence McNally,” and graduates include Kenneth Lonnergan, Tony Kushner, TV writers (notably of Sex and the City, Letterman, ER, and Conan O’Brian) and, according to him: “at any one given moment in the last five, six years, we’ve always had an alumni on Broadway (Kushner, Wright, Lonnergan, Goldfarb, etc.)”

    That’s right, folks: The Amateur Gourmet Live on the Great White Way. Buy your tickets now! I may even strip in Act Two.



  6. Congrats, AG! And your initial answer to Clothilde may not be as flippant as you intended. Among the many skills I learned while attending grad school in lit is how (gracefully) to remove an unexpected olive pit from one’s own mouth while appearing to listen intently to some grave genius spew bullshit from his.

    That and how to cut the cheese in public.

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