Day 10: Feeding The Starter

This morning I woke up bright and early–10:30 am–and clapped my hands together, eager to begin my day.

“Feed me,” I heard a voice say from the other room.

“Lauren is that you?” I asked, inquisitively.

“Feed me Seymour, feed me now,” the voice continued.

Ah, Lauren left the TV on. “Little Shop of Horrors” on TBS.

In any case, the time had come to feed my starter. I began by peeling the lid off the foul-smelling festering liquid / solid scenario:

I squeezed the bag of grapes dry and emptied it into the trash. I then used a flat whisk and whisked together the liquid and the solid, creating a smoothie like texture. This Smoothie would be perfect for bullemics.

I poured two cups off into a measuring cup:


And, listening to Nancy, I discarded the rest.

“But we’re alive!” the starter pleaded.

I turned on the garbage disposal.

Cleaning out the Tupperware, I pourded the 2 cups of Smoothie Starter back in:


I then prepared the starter’s food:


(1 cup water; 1.25 cups flour)

I poured it in and stirred:


The starter belched.

I went away to school and when I came back just now, the starter was bubbling and gurgly. It’s alive again!

Only 2 more feedings today (one in 15 minutes); 5 more days of feedings; and I’ll have bread!

Actually, today’s starter work was kind of fun. The apartment REEKS though. Kind of like a cheese-wrapped dead man. After 80 days. You get the idea.

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