Class Attendance

I really have no idea how many people read my website on a regular basis. The Janet Jackson cupcake thing clutters my Sitemeter info to the point that the numbers don’t really tell me anything. Which is why I’d like to ask you a favor. If you read the site on a regular basis, can you please post a comment below? Just give the following information:



How You Found The Site:

And, if you feel like sharing more:

Favorite Food:

Least Favorite Food:

Favorite Restaurant:

Shoe Size:

Mother’s Maiden Name:

Favorite Member of N’Sync:

Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble:

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

65 thoughts on “Class Attendance”

  1. Jo

    Austin, Texas

    How did I find this site? I honestly can’t remember. Maybe via Stumble?

    I just love food and found myself reviewing the food situation repeatedly on my blog when I spent three months in Germany. So I guess I have a soft spot for people who feel the need to write about food more than I do.

  2. Sunny

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    I think that I first saw this site on the Typepad homepage around the time of the Janet Jackson cupcake.

    I like your stories and experiments and I read your site a couple of times a week. And you look most like my brother-in-law, Noah.

  3. Name: Glovefox (I know, its a pseudonym but if you absolutely need to know my real name, you’ll have to pinky swear you won’t tell anyone else)

    Location: Oxford, England (for the moment)

    How I came across this site: Via ‘The Daily Bread’ blog.

  4. Dear A.,

    I will gladly oblige!

    Name: Clotilde

    Location: Paris, France

    How You Found The Site: Originally through Jackie’s Gastroblog, she linked to your Janet cupcake entry.

    Favorite Food: Hint : It starts whith “choc”, ends with “olate”.

    Least Favorite Food: Endives. Nasty, nasty things, these are. Especially “endives au jambon”, where they are wrapped in ham and drenched in béchamel.

    You already knew that, but your writing entertains me to no end – I can’t read you at work because it makes me laugh out loud and then people point. Most recent favorite : the bit about Martha and her mom…

  5. Su-Lin

    London, UK

    From Clotilde’s site!

    No favourites. I’ll try almost anything once. I really like your writing and am sorry that I keep leaving my headphones at work so I’ve never heard any of your musicals!

  6. Name: Alia

    Location: Oxford, UK

    How You Found The Site: Through boing, for the Janet cupcake story.

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: Vegetable Goulasch with spicy dumplings

    Least Favorite Food: Marmite

    Favorite Restaurant: Wagamama

    Shoe Size: 5 and a half (UK size)

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: my eldest brother – if you were more tanned anyway…

    I think your entries are very entertaining, and if you require any indian/pakistani recipes, let me know. =)

  7. Name: Anthony

    Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada

    How You Found The Site: via The Guardian’s website in regards to the breastcakes.

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    I can never pick favourites with food….

    Favo(u)rite Restaurant: Berlin, an absolutely amazing German restaurant here in Montréal

    Shoe Size: 10 1/2

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: I’m supposed to say Justin here, aren’t I?

    You’ve done New York, but don’t forget that Montréal is second only to New York in number of fabulous restaurants per capita in North America….!

  8. Name: Adrienne. Yeah, just like the Rocky movies.

    Location: Upstate New York, where we just got a foot of snow.

    How You Found The Site: Boing Boing, I think. It was during the Janet boob binge and I liked the site so much it’s a daily read.

    Favorite Food: Almost anything sweet.

    Least Favorite Food: Stewed tomatoes. It’s like swallowing your tongue.

    Favorite Restaurant: Tomato Head in Knoxville, TN.

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Justin. Mmmmm…he can malfunction my wardrobe anytime.

  9. Name: Benjamin

    Location: Atlanta, GA

    How You Found The Site: Friendster

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: Crawfish etoufee (sp?) at Harry Bissett’s in Athens.

    Least Favorite Food: Pizza topped with hamburger.

    Favorite Restaurant: Zocalo, if I’m feeling daring. Cafe Tu Tu Tango, if I’m entertaining. American Cafe at Phipps Plaza, if I’m looking for comfort food.

    Shoe Size: My left foot is an 8. My right foot is 8-and-a-half. Seriously. I have cerebral palsy. It affects shopping.

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Jeffery (though it is also my middle name)

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: JC Chasez before his hair took over and ate his entire head.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: You look like my best friend Lupo, except that may just be the glasses. If you mean a member of my actual family, then I must say that no one in my family is as good looking as you are.

  10. Chicago, IL

    Found you through, seduced by the cupcakes. But have since enjoyed your other endeavors.

  11. Name: Sarah

    Location: London, Ontario

    How You Found The Site:

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    > Favorite Food:

    > Least Favorite Food: that I’ve actually eaten? My roomate once cooked chicken’s feet. They were purple, and I stayed away from them. I’ve actually eaten blood sausage though, and I rather detested that.

    > Favorite Restaurant: Hmmm, Sushi 88

    > Shoe Size: 7 (2a)

    > Mother’s Maiden Name: what?

    > Favorite Member of N’Sync: erm? ha ha ha

    > Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: one of my uncles


  12. Name: Mark

    Location: Centre Hall, PA

    How You Found The Site: Googling for food blogs

    Favorite Food: It’s all good.

    Least Favorite Food: See above.

    Favorite Restaurant: I like to make my own food.

    Shoe Size: 10 1/2

    Mother’s Maiden Name: None of your business

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: They have names?

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: Uh, none really.

  13. Name: amy

    Location: new york. new york

    How You Found The Site: the spanish river grapevine

    Favorite Food: pizza

    Least Favorite Food: capers

    Favorite Restaurant: 7a

    Shoe Size: 9 1/2

    Mother’s Maiden Name: fishstein

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: sorry, i possess zero knowledge of boy bands…

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: my cousin andrew

  14. Name: Giddy

    Location: Indianapolis

    How You Found The Site: it was a link on Bakerina’s blog, methinks, and I happened to click on it and got hooked. But now it’s not on Bakerina’s site, so it’s possible it was never there and I found it somewhere else…..

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: There are so many, I will highlight just one: avocado on rye toast (must be a good firm, salty rye)

    Least Favorite Food: I’m not big on figs. But I love fig newtons; go figure.

    Favorite Restaurant: The Helmand (Afghan food, locations in Baltimore, Cambridge, and San Fran –and maybe Chicago now—they are run by brothers/cousins of Hamid Karzai, but who knew who that was when I started going to the one in Baltimore in grad school….and by the way, although the proprietors are all related, it seems they are not all terribly fond of one another so mention the other locations at your own risk…..)

    Shoe Size: 8

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Tiddlywink

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Couldn’t name one if I tried. Well, maybe I could, but more than likely I’d name someone from a DIFFERENT boy band and you’d ridicule me forever.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: You look like no one in my family.

  15. Name:Henna

    Location:Keele, UK

    How You Found The Site: can’t remember

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food:pilau rice with chiken curry

    Least Favorite Food:anything too green

    Favorite Restaurant:Ask (it’s in england so don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it but it’s Italian)

    Shoe Size:5 (UK)

    Mother’s Maiden Name:Yasmin

    Favorite Member of N’Sync:Justin! well that’s the only one i know the name of

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble:erm no-one

  16. Kimberly, Baltimore (but soon to be Nashville)

    My friend Mindy (no, really, her actual name and she’s quite smart and not a stripper or anything like that, not that strippers are bad or stupid people necessarily) sent me a link to your Janet C-cupcakes entry. Then I read the whole brouhaha about your review in eGullet (snobs) and was hooked.

    Fav food? Hard to choose, but this morning I’d say avocados. And real tomatoes. Oh, and crawfish.

    Least fav food? Got to be broccoli.

    Giddy’s right about the Helmand in Baltimore–it’s great. But my vote goes to the Charleston. Or Baltimore’s favorite restaurant no one’s supposed to tell anyone else about (Peter’s Inn, ha ha)

    Thanks for your fun site!

  17. Beth, Oklahoma

    I can’t remember the name of the blog, but it was a link to the Janet Jackson cupcake recipe. I thought your writing was so funny and so entertaining that I’ve become a regular reader.

    Favorite food: home-grown tomatoes

    Least favorite: peas

    Fav restaurant: Dink’s Barbeque

  18. My name’s Mike,

    I live in The Bay Area,

    heard about your blog durring those heady Janet Jackson Breast of Times. And then stuck around due to the young AG’s gift of whacky prose (one of my favorite things) concerning adventurous eating (another of my favorite things).

    Favorite foods for me are anything salty. Olives, come to mind. I also love stinky cheeses and am crazy into wine, which has become an expensive habit.

    Least favorite food, anything bland and not interesting.

    Restaurant: Hmmmm. There’s a little place in Spokane Washington called the Elk Public House that is pretty good and super casual.

    Shoe size…13!

    Okay, that’s enough. Thanks Adam for the entertaining BLOG.

  19. Name: PJay

    Location: Long Island, NY

    How You Found The Site: another food blog.

    Favorite Food: prime rib medium rare with a side of potato pie.

    Least Favorite Food: as if.

    Favorite Restaurant: Virgil’s BBQ, NYC

    Shoe Size: 10.5

    Mother’s Maiden Name: nunya.

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: the dude wanting to go to outer space.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: your lack of asian features, forces me to claim no one.

  20. Name: Wendy

    Location: Toronto

    How You Found The Site: The infamous cupcake link from another blog

    Favorite Food: Planked salmon; pho soup

    Least Favorite Food: Olives (I defy you!!); liver

    Shoe Size: 9.5

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Stevens

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Not Lance.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: Uhh…jeh..cousin Ben?

  21. Location: Charlotte, NC

    Found the site: Through guardian’s list of funny blogs. You were on there when you made the cupcake.

    Favorite food: I like cheese a lot. I can’t even look at that French girl’s site anymore. Fills me with too much longing.

    Least favorite food: I actually don’t like lemony desserts (sorry.)

    Favorite member of NSync: Justin.

    You look a little like my second cousin. Not terribly similar, though.

    I like your site because you’re funny and also because you, like me, seem to be a non-southerner living in the South. Right? or are you from the south? and i also envy you because i hated my roommate while i was in college. you seem to get along swimmingly with yours. I read your site pretty much every day at work, in between and my friend’s blog, You’re part of my routine now, so I hope you continue you excellent work.

  22. Name: Alice

    Location: Irvine

    How You Found The Site: I typed “IanJ” in livejournal because I thought it was a web comic artist’s blog. Turns out it wasn’t, but it had a link to your Janet Jackson cupcake. Got hooked by your interesting writing style, your outlook on food…generally, people with lifestyles different from mine I like to read about. Plus you’re wacky and cute so I’ll be visiting often.

    Favorite Food: The queue (I want this in this order): soft tofu with horse-piss eggs, crispy crepes with whipped cream, stinky tofu, filet mignon. If I had this all today, the list would be different tomorrow.

    Least Favorite Food: steamed eggplant – hurts my tongue!

    Favorite Restaurant: Ruth’s Chris

    Shoe Size: 7

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Who’s N’Sync?

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: Nobody ‘cuz you’re not Asian.

    Your site entertains me, and your photographs are nice!

  23. Kelli LUVS AG!!!!


    dont U know alrady? its your favorite fan … KELLI


    GA!! just like U!!!

    How You Found The Site:

    Searching 4 HOTT GUYZ!!!

    Favorite Food:

    Milkshake (it bringz all the boys to the yard j/K!!!)

    Least Favorite Food:

    omg pork rinds my dad eats them YUCK!!!

    Favorite Restaurant:


    Shoe Size: 7

    Favorite Member of N’Sync:

    ew like I listen to NSYNC!!!! (but if i did definitely lance bass!!!!)

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble:

    if U resemlbed anybody in my fam it would be gross! b/c U are sooooooooo HOTT and NOBODY in my family is hot (duh except me!!!)

    whats sad though is that you never write me back. :(

    it is tough being kelli.

  24. Name: david

    Location: nashville, tn

    How You Found The Site: can’t remember. probably the boob cupkcake though. you’d only been doing it two weeks at that point. i read everyday at work… while i eat.

    Favorite Food: cookies

    Least Favorite Food: capers

  25. A Big Fan of the AG

    Fav Food: Hot cheese grits

    Least Fav Food: Cold cheese grits

    Fav Restaurant: IHOP

    Shoe Size: 10 (but I’m usually bare footed)

    Mother’s Maiden Name: huh? Everyone in my family has the same last name

    Fav Member of N’Sync: which one played the banjo?

    Who Adam most resembles in the family: Aunt Ebner (before her “change”)

    I learn so much about food from your website. The pictures are so pretty!

  26. Name: s’kat. No, really.

    Location: Hampton Roads, Virginia

    How You Found The Site: I came across you on eGullet, and followed the link in your sig. I have been hooked ever since. My husband is beginning to get a bit suspicious of my interest in the foodie-type adventures of another man. I keep telling him it’s nothing, and completely harmless. Right??? ;)

  27. Name: BD

    Location: Missouri

    Found site: thru gastroblog or chocolatezucchini just that general group of blogs

    Fave food: everything! i have yet to come across a type of edible cuisine i dont enjoy

    Dont like: not a big fan of the McDo or Taco Bell what with all the migrant workers but I dont dislike it purely on taste factors

    Shoe size: 7.5-8

    I really enjoy your site. I hope you can keep it up.

  28. Name: Elsa

    Location: coastal New England, U.S.

    How You Found The Site: via Clotilde at

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: mmm, mmm, mmm, how to choose? I have recently found my thoughts turning of their own accord to the farmer’s market tomatoes — winter must be drawing to a close.

    Least Favorite Food: I had a bad experience with Vegamite once.

    Favorite Restaurant: Soul Kitchen, Chicago, IL; Katahdin, Portland, ME; Cafe Mirabelle, Portsmouth, NH. Being constrained by a student budget, I rarely dine out these days.

    Shoe Size: Eleven U.S. —- fear my mighty feet!

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: I am woefully uninformed.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: None. We do not tend toward the blonde.

    Kudos on the delightful site!

  29. Name: Chris

    Location: San Francisco

    How You Found The Site: Trey Given’s Blog

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: Pizza (I am a simple man)

    Least Favorite Food: Sweet Potatoes

    Favorite Restaurant: Garfield’s

    Shoe Size: 10

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Norman

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: That is a question only my lover may ask.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: Actually, that would be me.

  30. Name:Ladygoat


    How You Found The Site:Probably from one of the other food blogs I read

    Favorite Food:Longuanisa (Filipino sausage) and sticky rice

    Least Favorite Food:Peas (bleah)

    Favorite Restaurant:Phil the Fire (chicken & waffles, baby!)

    Shoe Size:7.5

    Mother’s Maiden Name:Solatan

    Favorite Member of N’Sync:I thought they were all clones of the same person? No?

  31. My name is Tony,

    I live in Kentucky,

    and I found your site through Friendster via Andrew.

    My favorite foods are: Kentucky Colonel Fried Chicken, Lo Mein, and Seared Ahi.

    And I don’t want to even so much as look at a banana.

    My favorite local restaurant is an Italian place called Bella Notte, although I’m a sucker for anything that revloves.

    I wear a size 13 shoe, and, according to my grandmother, I’d be a lot taller if there weren’t so much of me turned under.

    I pretend my mother’s maiden name is DeBeers.

    I think Lance from N’Sync is cool, because I have a weak spot in my heart for astronauts (thanks to I Dream of Jeannie).

    My family eerily resembles the cast of Moonstruck, and I can’t think of anyone who looks like you in that movie.


  32. Name: Michael

    Location: Vancouver, BC CANADA

    How You Found The Site: via raspberrysundae

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: free food

    Least Favorite Food: expensive food

    Favorite Restaurant: chez mom

    Shoe Size: 9.5

    Mother’s Maiden Name: ya right

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Backstreet RULES

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: hmmm non of them..

  33. Name: Brian

    Location: Scottsdale, AZ

    How You Found The Site: I don’t remember, but it was probably because of the whole breast cupcake media frenzy.

    Favorite Food: Breakfast foods, except cereal.

    Least Favorite Food: Beef

    Favorite Restaurant: Pita Jungle in Tempe, AZ

  34. Name: Deb

    Location: New York City

    How You Found The Site: I followed a link from one of the other food blogs I read, I just don’t remember which one it was.

    Favorite Food: It would have to be a tie between sausage and bacon. The one exception to the sausage would be blood sausage.

    Least Favorite Food: TRIPE! (gag)

    Favorite Restaurant: Gascogne Restaurant NYC

    Shoe Size: Too embaressing to tell

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Scollo

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Are they a band?

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: My cousin Vinny

  35. Name: Ross

    Location: Washington, D.C.

    How I found this site: Friendster

    Favorite Food: Indian

    Least Favorite Food: Norwegian

    Favorite Restaurant: Second Empire (Raleigh, North Carolina) and Bacchanalia (Atlanta, Georgia)

    Shoe Size: 10.5

    Favorite Member of 98 Degrees: Nick “Hot Piece of Ass” Lachey

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: Uncle Zeke

  36. khaylis

    kuala lumpur, malaysia

    through another food blog


    okra (bleugh)

    genji @ hilton p.j , k.l

    7 Femme


    its gotta be joey

    cousin eugene

    i love this website! guaranteed laughter.

  37. Name: nico

    Location: Los Angeles

    How You Found The Site: randomly hitting links

    Favorite Food: varies, but chocolate is usually a good answer

    Least Favorite Food: menudo

    Favorite Restaurant: depends

    Shoe Size: 9 1/2

    Mother’s Maiden Name: a string of consonants and vowels hard to promounce north of the border

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: who?

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: you’ve aready had your punchline about this bit

  38. Name: Noreen

    Location: Tokyo-ish, Japan

    How I found the site: Can’t really remember but it might have been through

  39. Name: Renee

    Location: Singapore

    How You Found The Site: through one of the food blogs I read regularly… possibly Jackie’s the daily bread.

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: very nearly anything sweet or dessert-y

    Least Favorite Food: anything with pork fat/deep fried pork rinds/crispy bits of lard in it

    Favorite Restaurant: chez moi

    I just love your blog, your sense of humour, and great sense of fun and adventure when it comes to food, and just not taking the love and enjoyment of food too seriously.

    thanks for all those moments of reading enjoyment!

  40. Name: Ulla

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

    the cup cakes brought me to your site, and since then you have made me laugh every day.

  41. Name: Vidiot

    Location: New York Fuckin’ City (Astoria, Queens to be more specific)

    How You Found The Site: just typed in the URL a few days after your AskMe thread a while back.

    Favorite Food: Hard to say…it changes so often.

    Least Favorite Food: Brussels sprouts. Or tripe. But not even Julia can make Brussels sprouts palatable.

    Favorite Restaurant: Hard to say…there are so many. But I really like Union Square Cafe in New York.

    Shoe Size: 10, ultra-wide.

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Herdman

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Peter Jennings

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: No one, alas.

  42. Name: Alana

    Location: Champaign, IL.

    How You Found The Site: my mom sent me the link to the boob cupcakes bit

    Favorite Food: most small things that have a filling and a dough outside like dumplings, pierogies, ravioli, spanikopita, strudels..mmm

    Least Favorite Food: Spaghettios

    Favorite Restaurant: Buddha’s Delight in Boston

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: the old guy….they have a sorta old guy right?

  43. location: Nebraska

    how I found the site: Strangely enough, it had nothing to do with food blogs *or* the Janet Jackson cupcakes. Actually, my boyfriend is an old college friend of yours and, because I too am a major foodie, he knew I’d love your site. And I do. :)

    favorite food: hmmm. right now: seared rare tuna; manchego cheese; anything that invokes the holy trinity of garlic, ginger, & chilies; creme brulee (try making it with Frangelico liqueur! Serve it this way to friends, and they will offer you their firstborn if you promise to make it for them again)

    least favorite food: I was raised by parents who think cottage cheese with maple syrup on it is a tasty treat. Did I mention I’m adopted? :)

    favorite restaurant: Mataam Fez in Boulder, CO (this wonderful Moroccan place where you lounge on pillows and eat everything with your fingers).

    other random comments:

    1. I’m making my first sourdough starter too! I’m a little nervous because after seeing your pictures, my starter doesn’t seem nearly gross enough. I started it two weeks ago and am making my first loaf of bread with it as we speak.

    2. I once had a dream that I was editing blue cheese. Literal blue cheese, mind you, not written material about blue cheese. I believe I ended up telling a copy editor to change it to a tamer, less assertive blue cheese so that our readers wouldn’t get confused and think the cheese had just plain gone bad.

  44. Name: Christine

    Location: Mastic NY

    How You Found The Site: Happy accident – I also share a penchat for cooking

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan

    Least Favorite Food: Any shape or form of brussel sprouts

    Shoe Size: 11.5

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: Not one from my family but you slightly resemble Rivers Cuomo

  45. Name:Leslie


    How You Found The Site:Linked from

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food:Avocados and Flaky Flix cookies… not together.

    Least Favorite Food:Coleslaw. I don’t care if it’s creamy or vinegar… I ain’t eatin’ it!

    Favorite Restaurant:Golden Dragon… Sushi joint in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

    Shoe Size:8 1/2

    Mother’s Maiden Name:Beal

    Favorite Member of N’Sync:Ummmm… Justin? No! Chris! No!!! J.C! Damn you!!!!!!!! How can you ask me to pick a favorite? They’re all dreamy. Justin… yes, Justin.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble:That’s an odd question. I guess my Uncle Dale, about 30 years ago.

  46. Lex from Toronto, Ontario

    I found your site, before the breast development, through Typepad’s most recently updated list… I setup a link so I could cruise by and see what you were up to.

    Favorite Food:

    This varies by the season…

  47. Spring – That first strawberry is ecstasy, and the second, and the third… Though the first taste of almost everything is pretty damned good.
  48. Summer – there is no joy quite like the first ripe raspberries fresh from the cane. Though a piece of fresh salmon, with new potatoes and a salad just ripped from the garden certainly comes close.
  49. Fall – A rich meaty stew accompanied by glass (or two) of a leggy red wine with hints of pepper. Followed by a fresh apple pie. Oh I do love the crisp air and flavourful scents of fall!
  50. Winter – Dad’s sourdough bread baked in the wood stove slathered with butter on a cold winter day…

    And of course you can never go wrong with BBQ. Something quick from the grill or anything slow and smoky will make me a very happy girl.

    Ack… I have to stop… I haven’t had breakfast yet.

    Least Favorite Food:

    Winter vegetables – turnip, rutabaga, squash, parsnip. It’s a shame really… but what can you do?

    Favourite Restaurant:

    I’m not so good at this favourite/least favourite game… I like to think it’s because I’m always open to new tastes and experiences… but perhaps I’m just an indecisive flake.

    The problem is I edit restaurant guides to good, inexpensive restaurants… so these days I only get to try the ones in the right price range. Since I’m working on Ottawa right now… I’ll give you Ottawa recommendations.

  51. Trattoria Caffé Italia
  52. Elgin St. Diner
  53. Café Diana (in Hull)
  54. Yantze

    Shoe Size: 10

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Thrift… aha… perhaps this is the root of my cheapness!

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Well… let’s see… there’s the astronaut, the one from that Greek wedding video, the breast man… hum I think there are a couple more aren’t there? None are all that appealing.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: No one in my family. But you do resemble an X, at least in the Amateur Gourmet cover shot. I saw that home-alone-shocked look a lot… perhaps that’s why he is an X.

    So, my question to you is… how do you get the restaurants to let you take your food photos? Or do you simply ignore their dirty looks and do it anyway?

  55. Lex, I feign obliviousness and slowness. Seriously. If you act like you’re somewhat autistic, you can get a lot done in this world. I just whip the camera out of my pocket, bend over my dish, snap a photo, and slip it back into my pocket. And then I pretend that nothing happened. Actually, I don’t get many dirty looks. But then again, I do it so quickly that I try not to look around while I’m doing it.

    Is your ex McCauley Culkin?

  56. Name: Elise

    Location: SF Bay Area

    How You Found The Site: For the life of me I can’t remember, but it didn’t have anything to do with the cupcakes.

    Favorite Food: avocados

    Least Favorite Food: natto (fermented Japanese soybeans that promote a gag reflex)

    Favorite Restaurant: Fringale (in San Francisco, French-Basque), Nobu in New York (best Japanese food I’ve ever had and I lived in Japan for a year so that is saying something)

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Hey, I’m in my 40s. Who the heck is NSync? The only teen band I remember is David Cassidy and the Partridge Family.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: No one! If only my brothers were as cute as you.

  57. Aha, slow and quick, all in one fell swoop. You have identified my problem. I’ve been doing it quick and slow all along.

    Re: the X… if only he were as emotionally stable as McCauley…

    thanks for the quick slow response… I’ll try it your way next time.

  58. Name:Karen

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    How You Found The Site: egullet, your family recipe entry started it all for me.

    Favorite Food: ice cream, lobster, oong choi with fermented shrimp paste,

    Least Favorite Food: durian

    Favorite Restaurant: Phil’s BBQ, Swatow (Chinese), Feenie’s

    Shoe Size: 7.5

    Mother’s Maiden Name:

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: It was Justin before the breast incident. What a spineless whimp. It was just a breat!

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: no one even remotely

  59. Name: Andrew

    Location: Boston, MA (Originally from ATL)

    How You Found The Site:

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: sushi

    Least Favorite Food: quiche

    Favorite Restaurant: Soto in Atlanta, Uni in Boston, Veritas in NYC

    Shoe Size: 15

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Gates

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Britney Spears?

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: The Godfather, and by Godfather I mean baby daddy.

  60. Name: Dallas

    Location: currently Bloomington, IN

    How You Found The Site: through your entry

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: steamed wontons

    Shoe Size: 8.5

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: none, but you remind me of a guy I went to middle school with at pinecrest. :)

  61. Name: Terrance

    Location: Washington, DC

    How You Found The Site:

    Found the site on Typepad, where it was a featured site.

    Favorite Food: portobello mushrooms and kalamata olives

    Least Favorite Food: grits

    Favorite Restaurant: The Vegetable Garden in Rockville, MD

    Shoe Size: 8.5

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Hunter

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: Lance

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: No one, really. Except that you look a lot like a guy I dated a few years back.

    Now, I have a question for you here:

  62. Name: Blue Plate

    Location: Atlanta, GA

    How You Found The Site: AJC article

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food: Oysters

    Least Favorite Food: Asparagus

    Favorite Restaurant: Sotto Sotto

    Shoe Size: 11

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Allan

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: I could not possibly elevate any of the n’sync members above any other as they are all equally brilliant

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: My crazy uncle Merle

  63. Name:Caitlin

    Location:Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    How You Found The Site:amateur sexy foto on msn search

    And, if you feel like sharing more:

    Favorite Food:Bread

    Least Favorite Food:Brussel Sprouts

    Favorite Restaurant:Squiggys

    Shoe Size:5.5

    Mother’s Maiden Name:Flynn

    Favorite Member of N’Sync:

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble:Uncle

  64. I found your site in the Atlanta newspaper while i was waiting on my flight to NYC last week.

    favorite food shrimp, loved Bubba Gumps in MYC River City Grill in Nashville

    least favorite food: cornbread

    shoe size: 7

    N’Sync:who cares??

    nobody is responsible in my family!!

  65. I know I’m a tad late, but I felt compelled to add myself to the list of regulars. I’m currently catching up on back posts.

    Name: Ashley

    Location: West Lafayette, IN

    How You Found The Site: I was actually searching for nipple piercing information (probably more than you wanted to know…) and happed upon the Janet Jackson Cupcake and fell in love.

    Favorite Food: I couldn’t even begin. I find joy in most all foods.

    Least Favorite Food: I can’t pinpoint anything currently. I tried for several minutes though.

    Favorite Restaurant: Hmm, a tough one. In Atlanta, there’s a pasta place named Figo. It’s heavenly.

    Shoe Size: US size 8

    Mother’s Maiden Name: Naffe

    Favorite Member of N’Sync: It was Lance until he got his nose done. By default it is now Justin.

    Which Member of your Family I Most Resemble: You kind of look like my cousin Jeff, at least, last I remember.

  66. I found this site by doing a Google Whack. This is a game where the goal is to put two words into Google which will return one (and only one) website. I put in Tiddlywink and Cornbread and viola–here I am. Nice site, consider yourself bookmarked…

  67. Location: West Virginia (spare the redneck jokes; I have heard them all! I was born and raised in New England so I am a transplant)

    I found the link to this website at

    My favorite food would have to be freshly baked bread. Love them carbs! I purchased a special bread baker that you fill with water and the steam that evaporates around it is supposed to produce a crispy crust. I have yet to try it but can’t wait!

    This has got to be a sin being from New England, but I don’t like any seafood!

    I’m not touching the N’Sync thing.

    You look like my cousin Bert.

    Thanks for such entertaining posts!

  68. My name is Abe Aamidor and I’m a reporter at The Indianapolis Star. We’re doing a little feature story on Indiana-based food blogs and this site came up during a Google search. If you write often about food or dining, and are Indiana-based, we’d love to speak to you. Reply via e-mail, or call 800-669-7827, ext 6472 toll-free.

  69. I’m Melissa, have been reading since you started this wonderful web site. Well, location is questionable right now since I was in New Orleans but temporary located in Louisville, KY. I love so many type of food that I couldn’t even begin to list a favorite. My least favorite food would have to be brussel sprouts. It is about the only thing I haven’t been able to eat. My favorite resturant is Rio Mar in New Orleans. I was lucky enough to be able to eat there before the storm. They make the best “wet cake”. Shoe size 6.5. Not giving my mother’s madien name that is a privicy issue. Could care less about N’sync. I don’t think you resemble anyone from my family.

  70. Name:Debra

    Location:Albuquerque, NM

    How You Found The Site:

    Your Book How toShop, Chop….

    Favorite Food:Chicken

    Least Favorite Food:Mushrooms

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