The Buttercup Cupcake Shop

Around the corner from Amma, Ricky dragged us to what had he heard was the home of the best cupcakes in New York.

“But Ricky!” I said, “We’re going to be late for our show!”

[We had tickets for WICKED at 8 pm.]

“We could go to four different cupcake shops and still make our show,” said Ricky rolling his eyes. It was 7:13.

“Adam you’re a little anal with time,” said Lisa.

So we went into a lovely-looking cupcake establishment.

“Mmm, look at all the cupcakes,” I said.


“So many choices!” said Lisa, excited.

“I know!” agreed Ricky.

“Do you want to each get a cupcake and share?” said Lisa to Ricky.

“Sure!” said Ricky.

Feeling betrayed, I quickly ordered my own not-to-be-shared cupcake: lemon.

Ricky and Lisa split a sour cream something and a devil dog something.

Here is Ricky with our plate of cupcakes:


How did they fare?

Mine was wonderful. I loved it. I love lemony desserts. But even if it wasn’t lemony, it was a great cupcake. Definitely the best I’ve had in New York (and I’ve been to Magnolia and the Cupcake Cafe). Lisa and Ricky loved theirs too.

Then Ricky went to the bathroom. “Take the camera!” I said.



According to Ricky, the bathroom was really nice. He said it had a homey feel and that it was very

enjoyable. Unfortunately, the bathroom was out of paper towels.


Despite this, Ricky still enjoyed his bathroom experience. He gives it the following grade.

Grade: B


At first, I hated Wicked. I thought it was a little cloying. But then Kristen Chenowith sang “Popular” and I got on board. And I had a lot of fun. There were definitely some really bad parts–the ribbon dancer of Oz, for example–but the end of Act One and some of the plot twists in Act Two made the whole endeavor worthwhile.

11 thoughts on “The Buttercup Cupcake Shop”

  1. Evan Wasserman

    Adam how are u still skinny? You eat so much! and not only that, you ALWAYS eat desert? Tell me your secret? Also, are you going to go to any Steakhouses? report back.

  2. Better than Magnolia bakery? Was the icing better than Magnolia? Oh my goodness, you’re giving me cupcake envy :)


  3. mmmm… Lemon.

    Lemon desserts are my faves as well!

    Have you tried Cecelia Villaveces’ Spanish Lemon Cake? I have mixed feelings about it, but this is your food blog not mine, so I won’t go into it.

  4. Evan, the secret is in the chewing. I only chew twice and therefore the food doesn’t get fully digested. Hell on the intestines though!

    Veronica, I suddenly feel the fool: my friend Marisa told me today that Magnolia Bakery OWNS the Buttercup Bakery and therefore it can’t be better because it’s the exact same thing. Zoiks!

    Trey Givens, it is nice to have a comrade in citrus arms. My roommate “Lauren” mocks my affinity for lemon desserts and brags about her prediliction for all things chocolate. When I plan on baking something, she’ll say sarcastically: “Why don’t you make something lemony?” Well now I will and I’ll bring it to our blog party! (Oh, let’s have a blog party).

  5. There is nothing better than cupcakes from Publix. Of all the things I miss most about living in Florida, I would have to say that Publix cupcakes ranks high up on the list.

  6. Well now, this certainly is an interesting site – found through Friendster. I, too, wonder how you’re so skinny, considering all the food you must consume.

    As for WICKED, yeah, I’ve heard the soundtrack, and it’s pretty terrible-sounding. But “Popular” is excellent.

  7. I am the worst baker when it comes to cupcakes. So I go to the Internet to get a great receipe and each time I search your sight comes up, which is probably great for you, but I still don’t have a recipe for cupcakes. AND I mean No-fail cupcakes for my somes 7th bithday???????


  8. Mary Lisa Cerami

    I’m thinking about opening a small

    but tasteful cupcake house in Southren

    Ill. How does one persue such a venture.

    Any info. would be welcome.

    Mary Lisa

  9. Fyi

    I believe there is a new cupcake place in the west village and right now it’s NYU’s best kept secret.

    They truly have the best cupcakes I have ever tasted.

    I think it’s called tonnies cupcakes

    on 3rd st between of Macdogal st.

    good luck

  10. I think that the fame of Appel has overinflated her ego and the reputation of her cupcakes. Recently had one of her creations and I am completely baffled why people think the cupcakes are so good. They are stale. The frosting is way too sweet and hard and also stale. And after complaining to management, they basically called me a liar. I wouldn’t waste my money on a place that feels like cupcakes are their domain and will sue others to prevent them from selling their own cupcakes. I hope that Appel learns her lesson…. sometimes humble pie is best because her cupcakes are definitely not.

  11. Public’s cupcakes? Do you mean the ones that sit unrefridgerated on the shelf for days on end in the plastic box, made with crisco, lard and perservities? That’s what you miss about florida?

    Think about it.

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