A Day of Unuploadable Pictures

I regret to inform you that the wireless internet connection I am mooching off will not allow me to upload my pictures from today to the internet. Thus, you will not see the following:

– Pictures of a delicious brunch at Sarah Beth’s Kitchen! Oh my God it was so good. But even better, I got to see my other great friend from Friendships past: Marisa. And, lo and behold, I was able to upload a picture of her and I outside after gorging on almond crusted french toast and apple cinnamin french toast.


– A trip to the new Time Warner Center. I enjoyed my exploration but was not blown away or anything. It’s a very pretty building, though.

– A fantastic snack at The City Bakery; where we had real hot chocolate (so thick we drank it with a fork) with homemade marshmallows (made NOT in reverse) and a passionfruit raspberry tart.

All photographed for your enjoyment and, unfortunately, completely unuploadable. But do what they did in the 18th century: use your imagination! For then, there was no internet—and images of someone else’s cranberry-cherry french toast topping existed only in the imagination.

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  1. I have gotten a shoutback! My life can end now and I will die happy. Anyway, to keep this on topic lest the denziens freak out (you know who you are)– the hot chocolate was thick enough to eat with a fork? Was it bitter chocolate or more like the typical sweet Carnation type hot chocolate? Sounds delicious!


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