Turning Japanese!

So we made Excite news! Well, Excite News Japan.

Can anyone translate?

[PS. We’re up to 80,000 hits! If I were running for president, I’d have won a caucus by now).

2 thoughts on “Turning Japanese!”

  1. this is a very poor translation but you can get the idea:

    The Janet Jackson’s Breast cupcake on topic on Excite [ February 09th 17:08 ] Janet Jackson’s is sued over her breast flashing incident. To some extent already the breast, being to think, that it is good, but in America it seems that is risen with a lawsuit.

    Presently, this article is ranking higher in web logs: Janet’s Breast Cupcakes. That Janet Jackson’s breast cupcake was made in a foolish attempt, but how is ranking higher when became a hot topic, it is linked in web logs and pornographic sites and the parenting sites etc. in the world, when finally CNN came to collection of data….

  2. So sad… I read about this post in the NYTimes article, and now the photos of the cupcakes are gone! Would love to see them… are they posted elsewhere?

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