Thursday Night Dinner Song: “Women Outside The Bakery”

What is happening? Has the world come to an end? How can the Amateur Gourmet possibly have a Thursday Night Dinner Song when it’s only Wednesday? HELP ME, I’M SO CONFUSED!

Settle down, dear reader. The Amateur Gourmet understands your plight and is here to explain. As mentioned in a previous post, The Amateur Gourmet (who will stop referring to himself in the third person now) is involved with a Valentine’s Day show this weekend called “The VD Show” performed by Out of Hand Theater Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at CJ’s Landing in Buckhead. (For you non-Georgians, that’s in Atlanta).

The show is a really fun, really dirty, really wild tribute to life, love and the pursuit of sex with hookers. I contributed two pieces: a musical, “The Boy Who Went Blind,” which ends the show; and “Women Outside The Bakery” which comes halfway through the second act. In it, three women sit in their cars eating pastries, mourning their lots in life with song. And since it’s about food, tonight I thought: “Hey! I’ll bring a recorder to rehearsal and capture the song for the website! That way my readers will be inspired to purchase tickets and accost me after the show!”

So without further adieu, here are Maia, Ariel and Catherine with “Women Outside The Bakery”!

Download file

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