The Ew Department: Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Surprise, surprise: today the thought of touching food repulsed me. I rolled out of bed, put my stockings on and began fretting over what I would consume before class.

Our refrigerator offered no help: left over sour cream, year old cartons of red pepper hummus. Yes: time to clean the fridge.

So I went to Smoothie King and bought my usual lemon twist smoothie with strawberry. Then I asked myself: “Will that be enough?

My self said “no” so I spotted a bag of yogurt covered pretzels and said: “Ok, I’ll buy those too.”

Fast forward to Business Associations, where I tear open the bag and pop a few in my mouth.


They tasted like cardboard dipped in plastic. They were awful. And I like pretzels. I like pretzels dipped in things. I like things dipped in yogurt. My mother used to send me to school with yogurt covered raisins. I am no rookie when it comes to yogurt dipped things and pretzels that are dipped. But these were terrible!

Because of this, I begin a new category on the Amateur Gourmet. A category that I call “Ew.”

Yogurt Covered Pretzels from Smoothie King? Ew.

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