The Atlanta Burrito Review: Chipotle

Tonight began a bold new endeavor in the land of the Amateur Gourmet: a comprehensive tour of Atlanta’s burritos. Since Moe’s and Willy’s are pretty standard fare, Lauren and I decided to try the newly built, newly popular Chipotle in Toco Hills. For the sake of keeping this review short, I will dispense of narrative structure, dialogue and characterization and simply say that this burrito was a superior Atlanta burrito. Here is a picture:

And now for my evaluation:

TASTE: B+. The chicken is grilled and fresh, the salsa is fresh too. The beans are fine (as beans usually are) and the guacamole is thick but good. Chips don’t come free, but even so they are superior: hefty without being dense, light without being weak. Unlike the Moe’s chips, these don’t break when scooping up stray pieces of chicken.

VALUE: B. Moe’s gives you chips with your burrito, so Chipotle loses points for charging for theirs. However, Chipolte gave us free drinks because we were students (with student IDs). “Do you always do this?” I asked. “Always for now,” the woman answered.

OVERALL: B+. I’m keeping my grade in the B-range because surely there are better burritos in Atlanta. But in terms of cheap, easy to get to Atlanta burritos, this is among the best.

2 thoughts on “The Atlanta Burrito Review: Chipotle”

  1. You know what’s weird about Chipotle? Well, for one thing, the spelling/ pronunciation of the word “chipotle.” And for another, the fact that they use WHITE RICE in their California-Mexican food. SACRILEGE!!! What do you expect from a chain owned by McDonald’s I guess. Still, I eat there. I am a hypocrite.

  2. Where does one find the best burrito in Atlanta? That’s easy! TORTILLAS!!! Oh, wait, it’s closed. Damn. Those WERE the best burritos in Atlanta, without a doubt. So sad.

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