My Favorite Pastry

This is my favorite pastry:

What is it called? That depends on who you ask. In the California Farmer’s Market, this was called a Raspberry Princess. At Alon’s Bakery, where I purchased this beautiful specimen, it was called “Fruit Bar.” I call it: Piece Of Heaven. But I’m biased. After all, this is my favorite pastry.


What makes it so good? Is it the buttery crumbly top? The fruity, gooey center? Is it the firm yet supple shortbread layer that holds the whole thing together, like Merideth Baxter Berney on Family Ties? That I cannot tell you.


What I can tell you is that it is delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I am very sad this is my last piece. Where did all the bites go? This one was particularly delicious: a peach strawberry filling. And now it’s all gone. Every last bite. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s my favorite pastry.

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