It’s PomLightful, It’s PomLicious, It’s PomWonderful


Tonight, with my hastily assembled Whole Foods dinner, I needed to grab a drink. My normal drink of choice in such situations is Iced Tea. Whole Foods has a nasty selection of “mature” Iced Teas–Honest Tea, with its obnoxious Zen labels, tastes like dirty sock water. The Tazo teas–which I like in teabag hot-water form–are also pretty nasty. I’m a baby when it comes to Iced Tea: I like it syrupy and sweet.

But then I noticed a curvy bottle, one I had seen all summer plastered on billboards around L.A. I recalled the radio commercials: “Pomegranate Juice is the nectar of the gods and will add 4000 years to your life. If you don’t drink it, you will die tomorrow.”

Compelled by this Proustian auditory admonition (<--talk about pretentious phrasing), I purchased myself a bottle of PomWonderful with Tangerine flavors. Having just finished said bottle, my response is as follows: Eh. I mean, it tasted fine. Was it worth the $3.99 it cost for what felt like half an ounce? Absolutely not. Will it add years to my life? Here's hoping. In conclusion, PomWonderful is a fine drink to drink if you get it for free. Otherwise, just buy a pomegranate and a straw and cut back on your life insurance. **NOTE: While drinking my Pomegranate Juice I made a discovery that will change my life in more ways than I'd like to know. This discovery happened when I accidentally hit "Menu" on my remote control. It led my TV screen to a menu that featured the choice: "On Demand." I clicked it, and a whole world of television opportunity spilled out before me. Suddenly, I could watch every Sopranos episode from last season! I could watch any movie on HBO or Showtime whenever I wanted to, and I could pause it in the middle and come back later! Did you people know about this? Why didn't you tell me? Let's hope the Pomegranate juice DOES add years to my life, because I have a lot of TV-watching to do.

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  1. Two things…1)Careful with the “on demand” button. I’m not sure but I think your getting dangerously close to the Pay-Per-View realm. 2)You were in L.A. all summer? Me too. Now I’m in San Francisco. It’s better here from a foodie aspect, and a lot of other aspects. Oh, PS: keep on keeping on with the ultra pretentious phrasing!

  2. We have a bakery here in Montréal called POM (Pride of Montréal). I’m sure there’s no relation to the aforementioned snooty pomegranate juice. They do have amusing tv adverts, though. As a side note, I discovered your blog like so many others, through the breast cupcakes. They were quite a hit at the party I made them for. As you can see, though, I came for the cupcakes and stayed for the real food! Keep up the entertaining and humorous entries!

  3. Pomegranate juice sounds really Lebanese, actually.

    Pomegranate is a really finicky fruit to eat–have to keep on spitting out seeds.

    By the way: thanks to your Janet Jackson cupcake blog, I have friends now making variations of it… including one who used strawberries for nipples…

    Thanks for making us Oxford people cry with laughter :)

  4. Cann you please tell me what grocery stores carry POM?

    Thank you. Hoping to hear from you soon, I am

    Charles Rose

  5. Many of the major supermarkets carry them.. Such as: Ralphs, Vons, Food 4 less.. Thats where I’ve seen them at.

  6. POM Wonderful has been working hard on some new products. For people who love eating the fresh fruits but find it messy or hard to deal with, they have fresh packaged and frozen arils.

    POM also have a new line of POM Tea that comes in 4 different flavors, Lychee, Peach, Black, and Blackberry.

    I got a free box of juice from a friend. Tried the juice, loved it and went to work for them. Their pomegranate fruits are the largest I have ever seen. Usually I get them at my local Ralphs when they are available during November – January. You can find out how to open them at: .

    If you want to find where they carry POM Wonderful products, we have a store locator at:

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