Dreaming Big: A Janet Jackson Breast Cake

Tomorrow night I plan to create something topical, something ambitious, something that will offend every member of the FCC (Federal Culinary Commission): A Janet Jackson Breast Cake.

How will I do this?

Well, I started a thread over at eGullet on the matter: Janet Jackson Breast Cake Thread; but I am also seeking your input.

How best to represent the nipple? A Hershey kiss?

What baking apparatus will yield the most breast-like result?

People, please. We are in a time of great need. Please help make my Janet breast cake a breast cake for the ages. If not for me, do it for the children.


The Amateur Gourmet

3 thoughts on “Dreaming Big: A Janet Jackson Breast Cake”

  1. you could use one of those foamy/rubbery/gummy pink candy mushrooms turned upside down as one of the nipples.

  2. Got a ceramic mixing bowl (or better yet, two) that can go in the oven? Make two mixing-bowl cakes, flip upside down and turn out onto a plate = boobies! I’m not really sure if this would work. But its worth a try!

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