Birthweek 2004: Hot Damn!

Can’t write much because I’m scrambling to write a 3-page paper for my Negotiations class, but my birthday gift from mom and dad just arrived. The story goes that my mother, the other day, said: “I want to get you a really nice pen for your birthday.” I replied: “WHAT?! Mom, if you’re going to spend money on a pen, I’d rather get a bunch of really good cookbooks.” Then I made her a list of the ones I wanted and told her just to get a few. Lo and behold, she bought them all!

In case the picture’s too hard to unscramble, they are:

– The French Laundry Cookbook!

– The Zuni Cafe Cookbook!

– Breads from The La Brea Bakery!

– Cooking By Hand!

– Slow Mediterranean Cooking!

I’m really excited and of course I’ll keep you up to date as I cook my way through them. Should only take 14 years. Ciao!

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