The Thursday Night Dinner Song: “(Tonight We Dined At) Osteria”

As per my promise to serenade you each Thursday night with the contents of my meal, I present you now with a masterwork entitled “(Tonight We Dined At) Osteria” with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by yours truly. The attachment is in mp3 format and should, therefore, be accessible to all of you.

Download file

And, as if that weren’t enough, I also took pictures of the food so as to create a multi-dimensional listening-viewing experience for you all. For maximum effect, view the pictures as their contents are mentioned in the song. This will create a “music video” effect, tricking your brain into thinking you’re watching MTV. If, however, you begin to see visions of Kelly Osbourne afterwards contact a therapist immediately.

1. Caesar Salad

2. Pasta (with mussels)


3. Pizza (with mushrooms and proscuttio)


3 thoughts on “The Thursday Night Dinner Song: “(Tonight We Dined At) Osteria””

  1. Adam! Your website is absolutely fabulous. And of course it has the one thing every good website needs– a prissy video produced by a cat with beguiling French background music. Stupendous! My cats would no doubt like to contribute, but compared to Lolita they’re just trailer trash mutts. She’s eating braised slamon while they seriously think the pinnacle of all life is Target brand wetfood. Ah, the lovely Lolita.


    P.S.- Who is this non olive eating person? How can you have a martini that’s not dirty? Nevermind, if she’s one of those stoli with a twist of lemon types, I’m better off not knowing her ;););)

  2. Hey Amateur Gourmet:

    Thanks for all the food related songs. My husband Todd loves your song, “Suddenly Salad.” In fact, the Thursday night dinner songs are all runaway hits here. I’m sure you’ve already been told this, but the links are broken. Todd was craving a Suddenly Salad revival, and we couldn’t get to it. I hope this won’t be permanent. We might perish!



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