Real Amateur Sexy Foto

I am still punishing you all for not posting 10 replies to my comment prompt, but I had to share this…

One of the features of TypePad (which is what I use to run this site) is that I can click and see where people are accessing my webpage from. Often times, people will have done Google searches that inadvtertently led them to me.

Today, somebody accessed my site after doing an MSN Search. What were the search terms?

“Real Amateur Sexy Foto.”


If you post 2 more comments to other thread I’ll tell you all about my apple cobbler.


The Amateur Gourmet

17 thoughts on “Real Amateur Sexy Foto”

  1. I searched for sex and food…cause I’m at work and I’m bored. wanted to see what I’d come up with. Kind of expected something stranger than this, but oh well

  2. Hi Adam! You don’t know me, but I already feel as if I’ve known you for years! I came across your blog earlier today while hunting for reviews of Babbo, yes, through Google. I’m 17 and I’ve been looking for a restaurant to dine at with my best friend when we see Avenue Q this August. Your descriptions of Babbo have absolutely won me over!

    I’m loving your blog so far; I’ve already wasted a few precious hours reading through your old restaurant reviews and other miscellaneous posts. I couldn’t believe that story about meeting Bobby Flay, I wish it were me! I also happen to be a Food Network addict, if you hadn’t guessed.

    I think I’m gonna to have to become a regular follower of your blog. It’s just so witty, humorous, informative, and such a pleasure to read! Keep up the great work, you’re a very talented writer! :)

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