Comment Prompt #4: The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

Why didn’t you answer comment prompt #3?

5 thoughts on “Comment Prompt #4: The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living”

  1. Man, your parents are like my parents. When they come to visit in Atlanta, the Buckhead Life Resturant Co. stock immediately goes up 3 points on the dow before my parents have even stepped off the plane. Groan.

    At least it’s only occassional, and when I visit them I am stuck eating at la creme de la creme of Pittsburgh PA which ranks somewhere on the culinary scale between Hawk Eye, Iowa and Siberia. So they can’t spoil me TOO bad in Pittsburgh.

    I have to quibble a bit with your description of Concourse C. Concourse C is QUITE nice, in my opinion. Yes, you have the Steak Co. and Popeyes, but Concourse A has that horrible Burger King. All that aside, the only think you need to know is that Ben and Jerry’s in on Concourse C. Does ANYTHING ELSE MATTER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?

    You haven’t really live until you’ve tried Concourse E though. Just ask Andrew.


  2. Can’t remember which concourse it’s in, but I could never pass by the Cinnabon in one of the concourses when I lived in Atlanta. Every business trip was fraught with tension (not to mention butter and cinnamon.)

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