Comment Prompt #3: The Best Cook You Know

Who is the best cook you know?

I nominate my dear friend and occassional pseudonymous contributor to TAG, Katy S. To be honest, I have only eaten a few things made at Katy’s hand but each one is among the best I’ve had in that category. For example: her apple pie. She makes great apple pie! Her pastry dough is perfect. She even puts lemon zest in it to perk things up. I may do a featured segment where she teaches me how to make her pastry dough. Otherwise, her pizza is really good too. And her husband makes great waffles.


  1. Easily, the character that sometimes appears in my own blog as Food Scientist. He was a genius in the kitchen and my best friend in college.

  2. well, of course i’ll have to nominate myself as the best cook that i know. besides myself, i’d have to say my mom – and i don’t want to go there…

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