Comment Prompt #3: The Best Cook You Know

Who is the best cook you know?

I nominate my dear friend and occassional pseudonymous contributor to TAG, Katy S. To be honest, I have only eaten a few things made at Katy’s hand but each one is among the best I’ve had in that category. For example: her apple pie. She makes great apple pie! Her pastry dough is perfect. She even puts lemon zest in it to perk things up. I may do a featured segment where she teaches me how to make her pastry dough. Otherwise, her pizza is really good too. And her husband makes great waffles.

3 thoughts on “Comment Prompt #3: The Best Cook You Know”

  1. well, of course i’ll have to nominate myself as the best cook that i know. besides myself, i’d have to say my mom – and i don’t want to go there…

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