Comment Prompt #2: Favorite Fictional Meal

Ok so from now on comment prompts are purely voluntary, like blood drives, only without the free cookie.

Today I suffered through three hours of class (with two more scheduled from 6 to 8) daydreaming about comment prompts and the like. I found this one to be particularly delicious.



Here are ones that jump immediately to mind:

– The chocolate room in “Willy Wonka.” I always wanted to try that giant mushroom with whipped cream.

– The banquet that the girl has in Europepan Vacation when she’s on the plane and daydreaming and they keep bringing out course after course.

– Oooh, the dinner at the end of “Big Night.” That is such a good movie. And that giant Timpano thingie looks amazing.

Ok, your turn: type away!

14 thoughts on “Comment Prompt #2: Favorite Fictional Meal”

  1. I wanted to add something airy, light, and witty . . . but all I can think of is that “Nightmare on Elm Street” (Part Four? Five? Six?) when Freddy dishes a never-ending meal to a hapless high-schooler until her cheeks bloat mercilessly. She bursts. (Oh, man, I think I feel sympathy pains after downing last night’s oreo milkshake from the O.K. Cafe . . .)

  2. I was gonna say the Big Night scene, even though there’d be like nothing for me to eat. Or don’t forget Babette’s Feast, either. Meanwhile, what movie features vegan meals? Singles, maybe? I just don’t know. The more I write, the more marginalized I feel.

  3. Kelli LUVS AG!!!!

    heey AG!!! YOUR still 2 CUTE 2 B 4 REAL!!!!!

    I want To eat the maggotts those peopel eat on Fear Factor!!!! JK!!!! LOL Im just kidding yall.

  4. Any of the meals from ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ would do. My preference would be the one that gave everyone who ate it an orgasm.

  5. When Dana and Shawn have hot chocolate by the white cliffs of dover in Henry Jaglom’s “Deja Vu,” I wished they had poured a cup for me.

  6. Whenever I hear someone singing “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” I get real thirsty. I’m all, “I’d drink those ones that got knocked down, dudes!”

    Aww but shit, one time after thinking about drinking all that beer, someone totally started singing “The Wheels on the Bus (Go ‘Round and ‘Round)” and I full-on hurled! Hell Yeah!!

    Still, I think 100 bottles of beer is my favorite fictional meal.

  7. Mark –

    That would be the quail in rose petal sauce.

    I don’t think I’d like any of those meals… remember the one that made everyone wretch with overwhleming sadness? I’d like quite a bit less of that, thanks!

    -Trey Givens

  8. Hmm… how about “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover”? Man, I still love that film, although maybe eating the pages off your books isn’t quite that appetising.

  9. I’m gonna have to get that ‘I’m a dork’ tattoo after this one… For young girls in the mid-west, the “Little House on the (insert locale here)” series was standard issue on your eighth birthday. In one volume, Ma cooks up a batch of “vanity cakes” for a party. They are described as “not sweet, but rich and crisp and hollow inside, each like a great bubble that melted on the tongue.” I dunno… they always sounded pretty tasty.

  10. It’s a year later, but I am here now and I want to comment, dammit.

    Adam, I think you should eat the dinner that Dolly Levi scarfs during her monologue with Horace Vandergelder in “Hello, Dolly.” And do the monologue at the same time, of course.

    Also, I want you to make the lemon and almond polenta cake that they make in “Dinner with Friends” that all the characters rave about.


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