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I am about to begin my Friday night shennanigans which, thankfully, have nothing to do with Bennigans even though they rhyme.

I would like to encourage readers to post more comments and so as an incentive I would like to ask the following question: (written in all caps for dramatic effect):



To prove how much I want you to participate, I won’t post any more on the main page until there are 10 responses. I’m badass.

Happy Friday Night Fun!


aka The Amateur Gourmet

12 thoughts on “Comment Prompt #1”

  1. Medallions of veal dijonaise, with spring vegetables. From my kitchen to two hungry women who accompanied my dinner. They finished it all off.

    I had this dish once at The Parker House in Boston, and tried to replicate it at home. I began with a simple French cream sauce and kept adding dijon mustard and veal stock until it tasted right. Then I sauteed the veal in butter and added the sauce to simmer a few minutes. I’ll make this again, once I can afford the veal.

  2. i felt sorry since you only had two post. marys fish camp in ny. lobster roll,cole slaw, and fries. it was delightful

  3. My last meal consisted of a cold leftover burrito and three bananas. It’s a little something I like to call the poverty surprise.

    The best meal I’ve ever had was most definitely the cedar planked free-range civit cat with the side of mashed roots that we tried at Woodfire Grille.

  4. It’s been awhile, but the meal was so good that it seems like yesterday.

    First: Chilled mint cucumber soup, pureéd and then re-chunked with cucumbers.

    Then: Tender filet cuts – medium well – topped with a Madeira sauce.

    On the side: Fresh asparagus with a squirt of lemon and mushrooms simmered in sherry.

    For dessert: Homemade vanilla ice cream smothered with a fresh-cut-n-cooked pineapple that was glazed with brown sugar.

    It was perfect for a late summer/early autumn dinner.

  5. My,my talk about shameless promoting! LOL The best meal I had for a while is the BBQ chicken sandwich that I had at Red Robin. Why? Because I didn’t have to cook it! LOL

  6. I eat a lot of the same foods for most of my meals because i am a. poor and b. just a little bit lazy. these meals consist of things like pasta, fake chicken, soup, pizza & take out.

    the joy of being me, however, is that i find all of those things delicious and i am always happy to be eating. In fact, i will frequently during the course of a meal utter the very words, “this is the best thing i’ve ever eaten.”

    the moral of this story is: if it’s not an olive, i usually think it’s delicious.

  7. The last best meal I had was last weekend, at Union Square Cafe. An amuse-bouche of butternut-squash filled ravioli in brown butter and topped with sauteed fresh sage, some amazing risotto with chicken livers, wild mushrooms, carrots and a splash of Moscato d’Asti, and some utterly perfect tender lamb chops with Gruyere scalloped potatoes and a grilled salad, topped off by a slice of apple pie (alas, unfinished) with caramel and cider-and-vanilla ice cream. Yum.

    But this morning was pretty good too. Breakfast in bed with my girlfriend. I botched the scrambled eggs and overcooked the sausage, but the OJ was fresh-squeezed and a relaxed morning with your honey isn’t a bad start to a Sunday.

  8. Kelli LUVS AG!!!!

    hey there QT!!!!! its your biggest fan KELLI and I am not wearing any clothes JK!!!!! Im not like that I SWEAR!!!!!

    okay your first name is ADAM but what is your last name. Im not pscyho or anything I just want to know who the love of my life is!!!! LOL!!!! so you go to college right. how old are U???? are you really a law major or you just playing around??? one other thing what kind of girls do you lik and how old are they usually.

    about my favrite meal I had starbux ice cream for dinner last nite!!!! yum!!! Im such a cow I ate the whole thing!!!! definnitely my favrite food is the curly fries at Sonic, damn they are good!!!! Im not fat or anything tho.

    Btw, I LOVE YOUR CAT!!!!! She is SO CUTE!!!!

    p.s. AMATEUR GOURMET why dont you ever anwser me? :(

  9. Still in my mouth is a Dr. Doolittle’s Classic Finest Blackcurrant Pastille. Apparently it is based on an original English recipe with vitamin C. Lest you think I have some horrible diet where two pastilles (yeah, I’m on my second now) constitutes a complete meal, know that I also ate a bowl of soup just minutes ago. But stop distracting me, this is about the pastilles.

    I find them delicious. Chewy, vitamin C-filled (I pop another in my mouth) and unfamiliar to a palette accustomed to the usual cadre of American fruity candy flavors. A lovely treat!

    My wife, Katy finds they smell like cat urine. It took her a while to identify them as the source of the odor but once she did I had to concur a little bit. But to her consterantion (and my self-bafflement), I eat on.

    The packaging informs me that the product should give me “Agreeably clear voice and fresh breath.” My voice is … well … unchanged; my breath we’ve discussed.

    So the final analysis: Good ‘meal’, misleading advertising.

  10. The best meal that I have ever had came from a wonderfull small resteraunt in Keene NH. Nicola’s Trattoria is a wonderfull little place with great service and great atmoshpere. I had pan seared duckbreast with a red wine reduction sauce. It was amazing, cooked to perfection, and not ver fatty at all. There was a hash of potatoes on the side which was earthy and homey, and totatly complemented the duck. Simmered greens, spinach and broccoli leaves bursted with flavor and reminded me of my childhood in the american south. With some creme brulee for desert, I was one of the happiest people to be found in town that night. A foodie’s dream come true.

  11. Hey Anyone,

    I’m looking for those deliciious Dr. Doolittle’s pastilles (blackcurrant & grapefruit) that used to be sold at Trader Joe’s. They’re now discontinued and can’t find them anywhere. Any clues???

    Thanks much!!

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