July 25, 2007 1:46 AM | By Adam Roberts | 18 Comments

Babies Eating Lemons

I was going to write a brilliant, inspired post tonight but instead here's a video of babies eating lemons.

[also, via Metafilter]

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Ha love it! Those little squished up faces are still very elequent.

I dropped by to read an inspired post - and instead got a doughnut facepacking and cute little tykes being weaned on lemons... and somehow, I am deeply satisfied with that.

Thanks for the bland pasta tips...

i couldn't continue watching it. reminded me of once in a chinese restaurant when i was a kid and a parent at the next table gave his baby some hot mustard on a fried noodle. the baby screamed bloody murder and my parents were ready to call social services.

Hahaha good stuff.

Haha, I just saw this last night! Love it - I showed my little sister and told her we did the same thing to her, and she thought it was hilarious as well. Too bad there are no more little cousins to try this on ;o).

thx for the chuckles! what cutie pies.


That's not nearly as entertaining as the time I was eating nachos and my daughter thought the jalapenos were olives (which she loves).

Ok, I'm horrible person.

Well, there's one argument for objectivity in taste!

Some of those kids were smiling though...the rare few, tomorrow's foodies perhaps?

Words cannot describe how unhappy and cranky I was at work today - tired and sad and London doesn't seem to understand that summer is a season that exists in other parts of the world. This post literally made my dad. I kept laughing and then wondering - why do people *do* this to their children?

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We just adopted our 8-month old daughter from Guatemala and when we asked her foster mom what her favorite food was she answered . . . "lemons."

So that expression has become very familiar to us. She bites, recoils in horror, and then digs in. That, and the fact that she loves tomatoes and just devoured her first cauliflower today with glee, are a few of the many reasons I love her so.

~ Lia

Oh lordy how I love to give a baby a wedge of lemon! Finally, kinship!

My son, now 3, has always loved lemons. We never really got that face, except the first time.

I was expecting to see giggles and smiles, Izzy has always adored lemons. It shocked me at first because I expected a sourpuss and got the opposite. He lovesto suck on lemons and often drinks lemon water. My brother was the same way..I will have to get a photo of Izzy enjoying a lemon.

uhhhh the video exists no longer, check it out plz.

I just watched it, still working. Cute :D

This is so adorable!

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