December 26, 2006 1:59 AM | By Adam Roberts | 9 Comments

Tomato + Domino = Madness

I blame Jason Kottke for this post which led me to DOMINO PRESSURE. (Warning: Do not click link if you love your life or getting work done because you will grow obsessed with squashing tomatoes and clicking the perfect domino to squash the tomato and then you will play and play and set a goal to get to Level 20 and then you'll get to Level 20 and you'll keep playing and playing and playing....) (Query: what are those high scores at the end? How do you know your score?) (Query #2: Do the shadows really tell you anything? I mean I often feel they're telling me which way the domino's going to fall but then I click it and sometimes it'll squash the tomato instead of knocking over another domino and all the voices in my head begin to cackle... STOP LAUGHING STOP LAUGHING)


That is an evil evil game.

Great, just another thing to keep me busy when I should try and get work done. But seriously, the shadows have to serve some purpose, no?

Can't. Stop. Playing. Game.

(Note to self: Next time...heed Adam's warning.)

I'm about the most un-gaming person who uses the internet, but this sucked me right in.

I KNOW, the shadows are totally upsetting me. ARGH!

Adam, I am holding you personally responsible for all the time I have (and will) waste on this. TOO fun. Yes, the shadows serve a purpose - to deceive you!

You know we're all going to click on something if you tell us not to. This reminds me of the helicopter game, infinitely infuriating... Don't click this link:



Once I played Anarchy, I did not know how to get strong, someone told me that you must have Anarchy credits.

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