December 13, 2006 1:09 PM | By Adam Roberts | 5 Comments

And Even More Prizes...

Menu For Hope III is chugging along (we've crossed the $10,000 mark now) and it's only day three. Don't forget about my luscious prizes: my box of New York (UE14) has a few bidders, but an Amateur Gourmet lunch at your office (UE15) only has one. Where are you readers? Don't you want me to make you lunch? And to bring it to your work? Imagine how delicious that would be. I would spare no expense---I still have some foie gras torchon turning black in my fridge, don't you want some of that? Just kidding. But speaking of foie gras...

The kind folks at Mirepoix USA have offered an incredibly generous prize...

UE26: Mirepoix USA, Foie Gras Gift Certificate & A Signed Book. "We're offering a signed copy of Michael Ginor's book on Foie Gras and a gift certificate for $105.00 for a 1.5 lb Hudson Valley Grade A foie gras (product plus shipping)." Now's your chance to enter the ring with Meg and I in the Battle Foie Gras: would you make a better torchon than we did? Bid on UE26 and find out.


UE27 - UE32: Nika's Culinaria, Picture & Marshmallow Pinwheel Cookies. "Five sets of 1 8 X 10 signed and matted (not framed copy) of this image:


Plus 1 dozen of those exact same peppermint marshmallow pinwheel cookies. I can offer 5 sets and only in the continental US. (If by some chance this is popular I can offer more)."

UE33: Here and There 123, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. A vegan cupcake book by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.


S'kat of S'kat and the Food is updating her prize, UE01. Check out the addition here.


Was checking out your "How to Start a Food Blog" link and the third comment from the bottom might need to be deleted. :-)

Don't take it too personally Adam. I think it might be a case of never meet your hero's.
I think if I heard you speaking it would be very strange after reading your Blog for all this time. Plus I don't think you'd be to willing to fly all the way to France just to bring me lunch.

If I win, will you fly out to the west coast? I work at home; will you cook lunch for me at my place?

Hi Vicki, I should've been clear when referencing the original prize post: UE15 is limited to New Yorkers only. UE14, on the other hand, is wide open to non-New Yorkers.

Once I played AOC, I did not know how to get strong, someone told me that you must have aoc gold.

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