June 12, 2006 1:55 AM | By Adam Roberts | 8 Comments

The 4th Annual Big Apple BBQ Block Party (A Video)

Here's a short, sweet video I made of our Saturday visit to the BBQ block party just a few steps away from my apartment. It was a windy day but the BBQ was finger-lickin' good... Hope this gives you a taste. [You need Quicktime to view it, y'all.]

Watch BBQ Block Party.


Was that you on the Mandolin in the white pants AG?

the best part? the "waahoo" at the end - haha!

Haha, we saw the guy with the bucket bass before he started playing, and my boyfriend said "That'll never work!" But it did, and those guys were awesome. We got the Southside Market plate, too - the sausage was quite good, I thought.

SO jealous that you got some of the Mitchell's whole hog
they sold out with only one person in front of me after i had waited almost 2 hours
i almost cried

I wouldn't mind seeing something like this on the food channel! It's short and sweet, just like you said.

We enjoyed the BBQ Block Party also - the wind almost took our plates several times! Great video!

that was pretty sweet AG, try to score some "interviews" next time - think the bbq folk would go for that? could be a fun adventure... i'm craving brisket now.

Loved the video. I was with Ubons Champion Choice and in answer to your suggestion Zeep ---the bbq folks would love to do an interview next time--that is why we came ---to share our version of southern BBQ with NYC--we are southerners--we'll talk to anyone

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