May 9, 2006 5:52 PM | By Adam Roberts | 20 Comments

The Lolita Experiment

Subject: Lolita the cat

Date: May 9, 2006

Hypothesis: When Lolita the cat is under a glass table it'll be fun to put a treat on top of the table because she might not realize there's glass separating her from the treat. She will try to eat the treat through the glass and it will amuse millions.



Ok, this is soooo funny. I don't know why this tickled me so. Probably because deep inside, knowing this is a cat, she wouldn't be tricked.

cats are smaht.

Lolita is smarter than you.

We did this to our Jack Russell Terrier, however it was accidental. My daughter had a clear glass plate on top of a clear glass table.

It took ages to get the nose prints off the bottom of the table....

Cats don't mess around when it comes to treats!

No messin' around when it comes to treats! Lolita is one smart cookie. I must confess, one of my beloved kitties from long ago, Chuck, never caught onto the whole "glass is clear" concept, and used to cunningly "hide" from us under the glass coffee table... endlessly amusing.


whew. had to wipe away a tear on that one. she proved us all stupid, eh?


Good girl, she's not to be fooled by a mere human :)

Hurray!! I vote for more Lolita!

I am a human who has been owned by cats my whole life. I haven't met a stupid one yet. Dogs, on the other hand....

Yeah!!!! Go Lolita!!!

Cats. Once again proving to be the enemy of great comedy.


silly human....

Oh AG, you made my day! This is going to sound like the biggest Psycho #1 Fan comment, but I have always liked Lolita b/c she reminded me, in looks and temperament, of my own kitty Minerva. Well, we had to put Minerva to sleep on Monday, she had terminal cancer...but this video just cracked me up b/c she would do the exact same thing! Sigh -- life goes on. Thanks AG, and VIVA LOLITA!

Perhaps Lolita should have had a camera trained on you! Funny!

People need to stop dissing dogs in the comments, their eyesight is far worse than that of cats. Remember a cat doesn't rub up against you to show affection, it just has an itch.

my favorite fleeting moment is right in the first seconds of the video, where she takes in the situation, then actually shakes her head at the imbecility of the human race as she resigns herself to the fact that she again has to amuse her adoring fans... if you listen closely I'm sure there's an exasperated sigh...

tedb: you know NOTHING!! hehe

Hey what kind of treat was that?...I think I have the same kind... if you have any left, save me some? It's late and I'm hungry :S

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