April 25, 2005 1:21 AM | By Adam Roberts | 2 Comments

Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Non-Observant

I am a bad Jew. Or, at least, a stupid Jew. Maybe just a non-observant one.

Anyway, Friday night I started to crave chocolate chip cookies. I searched in my archives and found a comment someone posted linking to the Doubletree Hotel's recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Here's the link!

I was intrigued because the recipe called for: (1) rolled oats; (2) cinnamon; (3) lemon juice. Isn't that unusual? So I made them:


They were DELICIOUS. Best ever? Oh who knows. I mean, look, if you mix together butter, flour, sugar and chocolate chips and bake it it's going to taste good, ok? Sure, there's issues of texture and the chip to dough ratio---these fall into the chewy chippy camp---but in the end hot chocolate chip cookies are fantastic. I liked the complexity that the oats and cinnamon offered here, not sure what the lemon did.

And for any judgmental rabbis reading this, I gave a bunch of cookies to my doorman and haven't eaten any since late last night!


These are my favourite recipe for choc chip cookies, in fact, I've believe I may have left the comment (if not here, then on somebody else's site - I'm fanatical about converting people to this recipe!)
In fact, goddamn, I'm going to make some this afternoon!!!

There's a cookie missing from the pattern!

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