December 2, 2004 1:55 AM | By Adam Roberts | No Comments

Trendy Thai Food, Not Too Steep: Dinner for Three at SoHo's Peep

Kirk recommended it. James Felder took the pictures. I contributed clout and prestige to the dining party. It was Monday night and the three of us went, after class, to Peep in SoHo.

Why is it called Peep?

Simple answer which Kirk explained. The bathroom has a one-way mirror so that while you pee (and/or do other bathroom like things) you can look out at all the people eating. You can peep at them, but they can't peep at you! Hence the name: Peep.

With that out of the way, how was the food?

I ordered my favorite Thai beverage, Thai Iced Tea:


Thai Iced Tea always borders on the overly sweet and the overly tangy, but this was just right. I also enjoyed the tall generous glass it was served in.

The three of us shared ginger crusted calamari:


This was delicious with a knock-em-dead presentation. The three of us nibbled greedily. Squid never had it so good.

Then there were the entrees. For my entree, I chose garlic chicken (I would be doing no making out that evening):


I really enjoyed this. Not sure how I felt about the potato chip thingies you see in there, but the flavors were great, the textures great, and the presentation perfect.

The price at the end wasn't outrageous. That's how Kirk sold it: "It's really not that expensive." It's not. And the place is fun. And did I mention the bathroom? You can't know how pleasurable it is to pee with a wall of people eating behind you. Ok, maybe that's not so pleasurable. But the food's great! Check it out.

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