September 15, 2004 1:23 AM | By Adam Roberts | 5 Comments

And then of course there's Serendipity.


You can't come to New York and not go to Serendipity---it's a requirement. Just ask John Cusack. He fell in love there, or something (I didn't see that movie). But love isn't even half of it. What's better than love? The frozen hot chocolate:


What's frozen hot chocolate?

Funny you should ask. Serendipity recently came out with a cookbook where they apparently revealed the secret recipe for their frozen hot chocolate. I ran to the bookstore and charged my way to the cookbook section so I could learn the great secret. What is the great secret? "Choose your favorite hot chocolate mix, put in a blender with ice." Ummm... that's like Steven Speilberg telling his film students that the way to make a great film is to hit "record" on the camera.

No matter. I'm glad the secret's not really out. Now you have a reason to go to Serendipity and experience the frozen hot chocolate yourself. It defies description.

Lauren and I sat at a round table like Archie and Betty or Jughead and Veronica, savoring the joys of a sodafountainy New York relic (that Andy Warhol and Jackie O frequented too):


What's that other dessert on the table?

A Broadway sundae with black chocolate cake and whipped cream and vanilla ice cream and fudge:


It was way too much. But that's the point isn't it? When you take a cab 30 blocks uptown for ice cream, you don't want a small cup and a dipstick. You want to binge. And binge we did. That, my friends, is Serendipity.


Dude, we make frozen hot chocolates alllllll the time. Except we also put milk in it. And sometimes a little chocolate pudding powder.

YOU have got to go to Jacques Torres in brooklyn for some incredible chocolate, chocolate croissants, and the all day buzztini, the most fabulous chocolate drink in all the city - hot mocha. If you come over my house some morning, I will drive you there. You will sing with happiness and enchantment

i'll be in nyc in a few weeks. jacques torres is already on my list. looks like i'll have to add serendipity too.

There was an interesting story on Weekend Edition about Serendipity this morning. You can listen to it here (they also have the "recipe" for frozen hot chocolate from the book).

i absolutely love their frozen hot chocolate!!!!

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